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The thing I don’t get about people getting their nickers so twisted is that in HCA’s original work, there is no reference to what part of the world they are in, or the skin colour of the characters. So how can anyone know for sure that he didn’t intend for the characters to be black, and it was Disney that whitewashed them for the films?


Monsters Inc too. A classic.


In a mermaid film?
World is gone mad.

Good call, I have a black belt in MI Top Trumps.

Encanto was weak sauce.

Love it!!!

:100:! I love cartoons and animated films! Always have always will. Tangled is a recent favourite. Maximus and Pascal are hilarious!

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I think you mean Tangled? Enchanted is excellent too. Just needed a little iocain powder and Andre the Giant.

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Enchanted was rather good as well

when my son was 6, I tried showing him “The Rats of Nimh” movie… he lasted 10mins, too scary.

Personally, one of my favorites from the 70s.

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My son still watches The Goonies after almost 25yrs from first seeing it :0)


I love that film!

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Hey You Guys… Sloth :0)

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speaking of AMAZING movies…this one stands above all others of its time (just my humble opinion)


Gorgeous. Watched this with my mates when we were all similar age doing similar things. Superb.

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To anyone who has watched this film… I thought this scene was brilliant
Geoffrey Rush


Seen some interesting reviews of Sisu.

Unashamedly simple, over the top but effective. Anyone seen it yet?

I think I’ll be avoiding the latest Disney screw up of Indiana. Clueless would be kind I think.

Haven’t seen Sisu, but it looks fun