The list of reasons why “We won’t be signing Mbappé” in 2024

Probably going to Manchester,somewhere,they seem to have more money than sense.
This rumour does not have legs, if for no other reason his wage demands!

PSG say he’ll stay there, but they would, wouldn’t they?..

Every good transfer thread needs a lean poll!

What imaginary object won’t Mbappe be leaning on?

  • Brendan Rodgers’ humility
  • Harvey, JWH’s rabbit friend
  • A passing hippogryph
  • A low-flying squadron of airborne pigs
  • The Goodison trophy cabinet
  • Woy’s remaining Anfield goodwill
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  • Paul Tierney’s integrity?
  • A Man City conscience?

I think it’s quite obvious that what is going on here is that Mbappe’s ‘people’ have realised that they have overplayed both the desire to move to Madrid and the financial situation he has got into at PSG.

He could just end up stuck at PSG, trapped by his own salary and his own circus, and the sense that whatever he brings from a football sense isn’t really worth it compared to everything else that would need to be dealt with.

The only reason we are in the mix is because we’ve been keen before and it suits Mbappe for Madrid to think they aren’t the only game in town.

Madrid have got a good project going on, and seem to have reached a point of stability, with a young clutch of hungry players who are gelling as a team - I’m not sure their desire to bring in Mbappe is as strong as it was, and I certainly don’t think they are going to be falling over themselves to pay him a million a week and deal with all the other complexities of his signing on fee, all his entourage, his commercial activities etc.

As far as we are concerned, I think we could pay him £750k a week without much difficulty. Get Salah off the books and you are more than halfway there. What we can’t do is deal with what happens when you set that as a salary benchmark. It would be chaos.

And I have serious doubts that, regardless of his obvious talent, Klopp would want to deal with that ego. We, like Madrid, have no desire for an new Alpha, who would expect the team to serve them.

I think he’ll stay at PSG, because it just the easiest option for everyone.


Seriously, why bring a barrel full of common sense to this thread? I’m frankly disappointed.

I hope the club (very soon) put out a statement saying “Mbappe to Liverpool will not happen”

Hate it when our name gets used. Fuck Mbappe, Fuck PSG, Fuck Real Madrid.

He 100% has more money in the bank right now than he would ever need, and if he isn’t a plonker he could turn that into a hell of a lot more.

I simply cannot understand why players at that level, at his age, don’t make choices to be satisfied and challenge themselves in their football.

Easy to tell why I voted for the flying pigs…


The one thing that I don’t get with mbappe, is he was offered a shit load of money to play one year in Saudi, which included equal payment to his current team as compensation, and he rejected it apparently within hours of it being made.

The “offer” apparently included being able to leave for Madrid after the one year contract was served if the media was to be believed…

In regards to “his people” I get a bit confused as his mother supports Liverpool does she not? Would be great if she could get a realistic deal that suits him and the club etc, but also would be great if true that she supports Liverpool she would take a similar view as we as fans would and want to push through just because of being a fan…I know it’s not happening but as a fan it would be great to see , but not at the ridiculous cost of unsettling the team that we have started to rebuild .

I think it’s forgotten how unequipped a lot of people are, even in their twenties, to deal with pressure from various sources.

Mbappe will be surrounded by a lot of ‘advisors’ all whispering in his ear and looking to feather their nests off the back of his talent.

At some point, if he wants to sit amongst the greatest, he will have to move off PSG to win the CL.

But I could see him having the confidence in his own talents to not feel that need to test them further. For football, I think it would be a shame, for him, I don’t care much.

There’s no way 750k is justified when you could have 5-6 first team guys with that.

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Exactly this.

5-6 first team guys or 2 Marcus Rashfords…


Can we at least all agree that if he doesn’t go to Madrid or stay at PSG that he will come to Liverpool? That’s all I really need.

In all seriousness, I agree with @Mascot that he will stay at PSG because I think his ego will not allow him to take a pay cut for footballing reasons and Madrid can’t pay him what PSG will.

He won’t join. There are a lot of reasonable reasons for that, but the one I prefer is the following one. If he dares angering the sheiks by trying to leave, he’ll be

alfred hitchcock gun GIF by Maudit

In the fantasy where he moves here, or maybe the multiverse, he gets an “average” salary off 400k, with an enormous signing on bonus.

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At what point do you stop counting millions and start thinking about greatness.
He has earned more than most do in a lifetime, and if he has half a brain him and his family are set up for life.
He has a generational opportunity to show that football is a game for the people. I wouldn’t expect him to join Bolton on a free…but to play for Klopp should be a privilege for him.
Accept top wages, earn it, earn respect, carve your name in the history of a great club.

@Mascot makes a good point about advisers or leeches…
But he really is an a unique position to show courage and greatness

I agree, but I’m just countering the idea that we can’t afford his wages. Of course we could, if we wanted to.

I just don’t think that after working so hard a decade ago to create a wage structure that works, FSG would torpedo it like that. The knock effects of one stupid deal can reverberate for years and years (See United, Manchester)

At a minimum you’re probably looking at a signing on fee of 70+ mp as well as wages of 700k per week.While i think he’d be fantastic for us,i think there’s better ways to use that outlay.If he were 70mp at 350k per week then that’s a conversation to be had,but never gonna happen.