The list of reasons why “We won’t be signing Mbappé” in 2024

As requested by @WeeJoe , so that we don’t fill the main transfer discussion thread with shite.


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By definition that thread is all shite rumors.


We definitely won’t be signing Mbappé.

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No thanks. The below applies i believe @cynicaloldgit

he’s happy to accept his wages from those human rights abusing cheats, which makes him a twat…

Do ‘its highly unlikely we sign mbappe’ posts go here too?

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I can’t begin to describe the levels of boredom the subject of Mbappe induces in me.
He’s a great player.
He’s not coming to Liverpool.
Get the fuck over it.

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But what if he is seen in a helicopter anywhere within 300 kms of Liverpool?!?

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Yet you came to the Mbappe thread and wrote the longest post :wink:

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That’s me, a man of contradictions.
It’s my mysterious persona that so irresistible to the ladies.

My rapping skills and inventing also add to my allure


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Best name on a thread we’ve had in a while I feel.

Otherwise, meh.

all you doubters are going to look very silly when the photo of Mbappe and Klopp standing together under the Blackpool Tower is released for the announcing of his signing.

@cynicaloldgit where the lean poll?