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It is the club Gilberto Silva & Bernard came from though.

Will it cost more than Bellingham?


He came from Gremio. It’s where he went back to at the end of his career though. They have only had very limited success outside of the outdated state championship, but have been good recently. It is Tafarel’s former club so you’d imagine there is some bigger connection there.

While Brazil is a rich league compared the others, there is still a reality that there is an economic incentive to sell kids to Europe, often at times and to clubs that are not right for the player. You’d imagine the investment from us would be in the interest of minimizing that as a driver to help create a more reliable pipeline of talent from the South of Brazil to Europe, with us then being earmarked as the ultimate destination for any of them who are good enough.


Does anyone really care about FSG buying other clubs?

If it’s other football clubs then yes. Of course.

It would open up a whole new market for us scouting wise, commercially it could benefit us as it’d bring more viewership from south america & we could expand even further globally for pre season tours.

We’re not talking about some 3rd rate fiddle club in Malta or Canada, this is the top level of football in Brazil.

It’s important as that seems to be the best way to keep growing and keeping up with the likes of City. This is what the new owners of Chelsea want to do.

I can imagine having a club in each league where the coaches can share data back to the “mothership” of all players in that division is like a gold mine of information.


I posted it the other day but there was a relatively recent piece written on soccernet about CFG that was really good and worth reading. As loathsome as the ownership group is, it’s a genuinely smart operation. We tend to focus so much on the player aspect but they were making the case that it has created an executive development pipeline for city, which is maybe even more important. As we’ve seen in recent years, losing a key player is big, but losing a key executive and not replacing them properly is what really brings a club down.


Wasnt Lucas from there too?

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