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What I said was, there was no difference in the trustworthiness of politicians across the board.
Thanks for your concern, but I’m sure I’ll be fine without anyone’s help


I think most people would trust Keir Starmer more than they would trust a pathological liar like Boris Johnson.


I never said Boris was trustworthy.
But it’s like a choice between trusting a rattlesnake or a cobra not to bite you.
I dont trust any politicians, they’re all full of promises during election campaigns, but rarely follow through with them when in power.
Obviously a good memory is required regarding broken labour promises


The classic gun sketch from The Thin Blue Line comes to mind here. Just substitute “do you want to own a gun” for “would you like to be an MP”

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You know, I was almost certain there was a politics thread somewhere around here…


yeah, id be close, but im not so confident in myself to walk away…i mean, i cant help but watch this world cup.

also, i wouldnt walk away from football, just the toip leagues.


Fuck them both. This is the LFC owners thread and most of the hope that remains is that Klopp is still at the helm. All the highly paid heads of research are superfluous. We could get a £10bn takeover and still be worse off if we lose Kloop


Yes there is, and it’s sad that you think otherwise.

There is a world of difference between Labour and Tory politicians. Promoting and reinforcing the idea that they are all the same is a deliberate obfuscation by Conservative interests, with the the intention of confusing the electorate into giving their misdemeanours a free pass.


The majority seem to disagree with you for the last decade or so.
But I don’t doubt they’re all wrong.

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It’s about the owners, but I can’t help but weigh in on the trustworthy politician thing.

In my opinion, for a while, the Tories have lost their way. I’m not concerning myself with policy, just trustworthiness. Boris Johnson epitomizes the worst of it, in terms of lying and breaking the rules. But he was enabled by plenty of others around him who were at it as well. Generally there has been a feeling of, “Do as I say, not as I do” around the Tory party for a while.

With that said, and not wanting to go into minute detail, Teresa May passed the trustworthiness test for me. Ok, she was handed a shit sandwich in trying to implement Brexit, but I thought she was a hard working and decent person.

On the Labour side they are generally better off in terms of trustworthiness than some of the recent Tories we have seen. Starmer and Johnson looks like chalk and cheese. But if willing, I’m sure we could find plenty of Labour MPs who were hypocritical, in terms of feathering their own nest.

Going back a generation, I thought John Smith was very trustworthy, and his untimely death was a real shame. Tony Blair came in with a lot of fanfare, but in terms of being trustworthy, he lost his way with Iraq.

Bottom line:
The current Labour Party is more trustworthy than the Conservatives, on the whole, but we don’t have to dig very deep to find hypocrites throughout the world of politics.


They are wrong. @RedOverTheWater expresses it very well above.

You’ll doubtless find some whoppers on the Labour benches, but in general, Labour politicians are more trustworthy and less corrupt.

And bear in mind, I left the Labour Party due to Tony Bliar, so I’m hardly suggesting Labour are perfect.


Well that’s cleared that up then.
The majority of UK voters are wrong.

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The majority of UK voters is poorly educated and incapable of independent thought.

And, what’s worse, is that those with expensive private educations happen to be the most blinkered of the lot.


Maybe parliament should do what SNP did then, let the brats vote

It’s not in the interests of the Conservatives to allow young people to vote.

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It didn’t work for Salmond and Queen Nicola anyway, despite STV showing Braveheart the night before the referendum

Could the UK politics chat fuck back off to the designated section of the forums please? Thanks.



I second that

What do you mean “is now”, from an owner’s viewpoint it’s always been about profitability as for the fans it’s always about entertainment and success… They’re not going to dump billions unless they see a return on their investment.

If Bozo is the rattlesnake, what makes Starmer the cobra?