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Yes, the Salem not far from Boston is rather better known.

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LFC spent two years courting Bellingham,saving a substantial funds for him to spearhead our midfield rebuild like what some fans said , sending Trent and Hendo to warm him up to us in the World Cup and then LFC suddenly says we are skint?

See post in Bellingham thread. Calm down. Appreciate the game being played.


Every year for the past 10 years doesn’t = suddenly.

Any reasonable sane fan with their head screwed on their shoulders the right way would know what we can and can’t do, spending 150m on a kid in a summer where we need 3-4 players isn’t and was never 1 of them. End of.


It’s not the first day that LFC know Bellingham is gonna cost 100 million odd pounds…Why persevere when FSG knows it is not gonna happen with Dortmund?

I do not believe for once that FSG haven’t zoomed with Dortmund discussing this transfer…

I’m sure they have.

You attitude is that you think that Dortmund set the price and we pay it. That just isn’t how transfers work, especially not if the lad has decided where he wants to come.


I cant believe we’re out without having even placed a bid.

I was never convinced we were ever in

Apparently we’re not buying that Alisson lad at Roma because he is too expensive, and we’re giving Danny Ward a chance instead. Fucks sake FSG.


Don’t talk rubbish we think Karius deserves another chance.

End of the day let’s see what happens without some form of investment I never expected us to buy Bellingham, if we do great if we don’t then let’s find two CM that can improve the team and get us back.

There are about 2-3 teams in for Bellingham and yet we are being played off the park by players who would improve us weekly.

If we needed one player then I’d be urging to go all in, but we will probably need to sign 3 if not 4.

If we’ve done nothing or not signed 2-3 players we need and blamed it on something then I’ll join you but if we decide 150m is spent on two players who will be quality but not quite at Bellingham level currently then so be it.

That wasn’t even true after Real’s first goal…

To be fair, he let in 5 goals, can’t be that good.

Some rare good news nowadays. At least FSG is still looking for a sporting director. I hope FSG don’t just monitor this fella for too long!

Yes, maybe this is why we’ve pulled out of the race for Bellingham since we can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

No midfielders for the summer I’m afraid lads. We’re getting a sporting director instead.


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Looks like a younger version of Jurgen


FFS this is a dismal thread. I’d like some positive news please.

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Twitter wants to know why these don’t match what they published. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I don’t get the hand wringing on here over transfer fees etc. So what if we squeeze 50 more goals out of Mo for the next two years and he goes on a freebie.