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His wife’s quite hot.

this thread always brings out the worst in folks, reminds me of Trump vs Biden supporters… just best to stay clear!!

What rational V absurd?

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Oh yeah!!

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Its indy so probably bollocks…

Why or, buy both

Wish some of these wannabee sports journalists, could learn how to structure not only a headline properly, but even an entire article. I’m a fan, and feel quite contented with our summer signings… Feel as though the club is moving in the right direction once again, after our recent full season blip…
Written a month ago… the article is still up on the BBC webpage

Liverpool fan voice: 'Supporters are angry - and rightly so' - BBC Sport

PS. Written by someone on a rival forum…
Wonder if anyone on TAN has ever had a similar article published


I suspect that different forums get different perceived wisdoms based on the prevailing (loudest) voices.

I know when the Caicedo signing fell through the media was taking the view that Liverpool fans were angry and disappointed. I expect some were but I don’t think it was universal. I, for one, was more than relieved.


Similar to you with Caicedo, relieved that we missed out on him, I do rate him as a player but at half the price he went for

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The media taking the view that would generate the most controversy and create the most drama around transfer fees and spending and making fans feel that they’re missing out on spending?

Shocked GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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EOTK is a shit website. I notice BBC didn’t include comments on that article, so the absolute drivel couldn’t be challenged


Players who were upset probably included about half this forum if I remember correctly.

I wouldn’t say I was relieved myself when we missed out on Caicedo. In fact, I was a tad bit worried both by the size of the fee and that we still weren’t able to sign him.

Not to say that I wanted to sign Caicedo at that fee (I didn’t agree with it) - but that the market had gone insane and we might be quoted something inordinate for our remaining targets and still struggle to get them.

But how we ended the window by signing Endo and Gravenberch for relatively “normal” fees was encouraging.


Yeah if you had told me what we signed I’d have been less concerned.

Also results have helped, I’m very pleased with the start.


Not saying making the bid for Caicedo was a publicity stunt but I’m convinced that we were already planning with the +£100m we will receive for Salah from Saudi next year.

According to Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, Wolfsburg will pay €13.5 million for the stopper, which is around £11.6 million, with 20 percent going to Liverpool. Liverpool will therefore receive £2.3 million when the transfer goes through, with it also reported that it could be brought forward to January.

Liverpool already benefited from another sell-on clause earlier in the summer, receiving £687,000 upon Allan Rodrigues’ move from Atletico Mineiro to Flamengo.

Where’s Sell-on Clause money, John???

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Be quicker to ship out players now :wink:


Where’s the UPS money ? John ?