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Yeah, away against Luton at 8pm EST kick off on a sunday evening then the lunch time kick off the following saturday away to Arsenal

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With a Champions League game against Porto played in Beijing on the Wednesday in between.


I think I’d be done with football if that were the case.

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you might end up with something like they have in the AFL here, or the NRL did innLas vegas…a whole complete round of fixtures…

the AFL play one full round in Adelaide and call it the ‘gather round’

distance can be overcome by slapping it in the middle of a 2.5 week '‘winter break’ and schedule the fixtures in countries with forgiving climates at that time of year.

its a shame, but itrs very doable…

when the NRL went to vegas it was celebrated as a victory for the game…(albeit the NRL is a different beast spectator wise to the PL)…even in the AFL the ‘gather round’ is celebrated, and travelling fans (costs a lot less obviously) can veiw it as one big party.

you could probably end up with a knock out style cup for just PL teams and excuse them entrance into the league cup…that way no league games get moved but the competition is an official one.

one thing i think is for sure…the fallout wont be what we would hope it would be…

If it meant the games were played same time as those nonsensical England friendlies that come about every few weeks of a new season… Would suit me to head off to New York

The NRL took 2 games to Las Vegas to open up the season the publicity was absolutely massive they are doing the same next year too.

I remember seeing a bit about this over xmas when I was back home, but never caught the games. What sort of crowd did they get?

With AI, we will play here in Liverpool and then the real time holograms will be shown in a LA stadium. Win win.


40000 which is more than NRL was expecting.