The R.I.P thread

Tina Turner was such a musical pioneer with her powerful, unique style and stage presence. Her life story of triumph over adversity was an inspiration to millions of people.

Her impact will be felt for generations to come in the music industry and beyond.

RIP Tina Turner. Queen of Rock and Soul.


I always loved the way she could take music from one genre and turn it into another. It’s actually more noticeable on the album tracks than the better known stuff.

This was her version of The Beatles Help! which sounds like a genuine plea for assistance rather than the overly jaunty pop that John Lennon originally wrote:

Also, I noticed The Who’s Acid Queen further up. She recorded an album of the same name featuring reworkings of hard rock standards. This was her version of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love which she turns into absolute filth without ever having to sound suggestive:

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Nutbush City Limits was probably my favourite Tina Turner song.


Sad to hear of her passing. RIP Tina Turner. So many iconic songs and moments.

I’m being reminded of her greatness as people pay tribute. Her personal life too. From nothing, family picking cotton in rural Tennessee, to singing in the small local church, to making her way to Nashville. Escaping the abusive relationship with Ike was a triumph, even if they were stars together. Then going again, and having a massive global career as a solo artist, and finding love, and moving to Switzerland. (How the heck did that pass me by?)


Lol, here is another example. She was winning awards for her role every year up to that point, but the second Tina Turner came calling she left it behind to go and be a back up singer for her

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