The R.I.P. thread

Is this an appropriate thread for the Man Utd Champions League campaign?

No, we have this one:

I remember Caramacs when I was a kid too. I would get my ‘spends’ and that would be the first thing I would do at the corner shop. Caramac. I would make it last, taking small bites and letting it dissolve. RIP old friend!


My wife has just bought a bunch from the shop. I think she’s planning a wake.

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Just spotted in Asda…Caramilk…made by Cadburys…looked like Caramac…

For you?

They do have a version of it. But oddly they also have a version called the same thing that is really just a cadbury’s dairy milk caramel bar

When Rowntree’s Makintosh were taken over by Nestle in the late 80’s… I seem to recall the recipe for Caramac was changed slightly not long after - maybe for the American market.
To me, as a kid, it used to be the best tasting chocolate you could buy. Far too sweet by itself for my palate these days, which is a shame really, but adding a bite of a Digestive biscuit into a mouthful of Caramac… Bliss :0)


I think that was a traditional distinction between US and UK chocolate - their was typically sweeter but less satisfying and indulgent because it used more sugar instead of the good stuff like butter fat, cream and cocoa. I know Nestle isnt American, but I think the consolidation of brands and globalization of the market has seen that shift into a more consistent ingredient profile overall.



What a thread…
Fucking chocolate bars…

Marianne Faithfull?

This might lower the tone of the page.


Spotted this new bar today:


A bit like Fanta Pineapple and Grapefruit replacing Lilt. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

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Let’s move the Caramac talk to the ‘things that we stopped caring about years ago, but now it’s gone we want it back’ thread, where it can be discussed alongside Lilt, Blue Peter, and the concept of shame in politics.

Every time I see a new post in this thread I think Tom Baker might have died, and I don’t need that in my life.

Blue Peter has gone? Awww no! Leave the country and this happens.

RIP all the innocent victims of conflict in the Middle East, especially the children, whose lives have ended before they even had a chance to begin.


Well said.

RIP Mr Firmino

Ex-Liverpool star Roberto Firmino’s dad collapses and dies during trip with footballer son

The dad of Liverpool hero and former Brazil international Roberto Firmino has collapsed and died on a family trip to the Middle East during the international break

Liverpool hero Roberto Firmino’s dad has collapsed and died at the age of just 62 following a family trip to the Middle East.

Jose Roberto Cordeiro de Oliveira has died after falling ill, days after laughing and smiling with his family at an amusement park. Firmino’s close friends have confirmed the news following reports in their home country of Brazil.

Jose Roberto suffered a heart attack after travelling to the United Arab Emirates with his loved ones with efforts now being made to get his body home

In a touching message posted about his father during his time at Liverpool, Firmino said in 2019: "You are my childhood hero, you are my inspiration and my role model.

"All I am, I owe to you your generosity, your dedication to your family, the seriousness and honesty with which you have built your career.

“Your sincere and simple way of living teach me the true values of life.”


Sad and shocked