The Random Football Debate Thread

I remember the Simpsons episode. :nerd_face:


What a stupid keeper

This is a phenomenal watch, for those who understand French. Shame there are no subtitles.

if you click the CC (close captions) it will show subtitles in French

then click the cog wheel and select “Subtitles” and choose auto translate then which language… might not be great but better than nothing

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HaHa… James Milner coming 4th of all time hatchet men…! :0)
Shit poll but some surprising names in it

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reading the first page, it seems they’re saying fouls = dirty

that’s not how i think of the word

eg, Harry Kane or Richarlison don’t foul a lot, but I know they’re dirty


They do foul a lot, but referees let them get away with it.


is it a foul if it isn’t given?.. i’m just being pedantic, I get what you’re saying

the article though seems to be totting up actual fouls against

To counteract all the negativity - Some good news stories about the game we love:

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Happy anniversary

I often wonder how much he showed in training.

Always find it amusing he played 8 for Gateshead and scored 2, which probably suggests he had something not PL level but considering the drop off back then I can’t see conference being much better than say 3 or 4 leagues lower.

He would probably be a star in say our 1st team at amateur level.

Shocking to see how many foreigners are still playing there.

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The longer it lasts the more it looks like rugby.

Pepe’s been hanging around Jay Spearing by the looks of things. Wonder what they’ve been getting up to, the geezer looks about 75!


Fucking hell and I’m worried about a slight bald patch at 39, a Egyptian corpse looks better than that.


What exactly is your experience with Egyptian corpses?