The Random Football Debate Thread


i wish this was trialed last week against Man Utd,

we would have been into double figures!

tbh though, if games did play for the full 90 mins as suggested it would cause havoc with supporters getting home after a game

then there is the damage to players, they are fucked playind the amount of time they do at the moment,

Tottenham Ladies on a 9 game losing streak. So the term Spursy is not just related to the mens team :rofl:


Why not put it in the correct thread. Liverpool Women. :woozy_face:

Because TAN has become gender neutral.

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Cause it is more about Spurs Ladies team being just as spursy as their mens team.

The fact that it was our women to do it is an added bonus

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I wonder how many underpants he has gone through since then? :rofl:

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Random - debate this…

Hás rigor mortis set in?

Isn’t it great MH? Spotted in a FB group called ‘Terrible Art in Charity Shops’.

Denis Law and Bobby Charlton :0)
maybe the artist didn’t have any white for Charlton’s eyes so he used the closest colour to it… either that or BC had a bad case of jaundice…
They both in their 80’s now and still look healthier than that picture

Oh they got really uppity when I posted a crap version of a well known painting so I left.

A child painting a Turner is still a child’s version of Turner.

Can you imagine any other sport where this would happen. I really despair some times.

I’m not an advocate for violence, but if it is really a small minority, why don’t the rest of the Colchester traveling supporters deal with it harshly?

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40 year stadium ban for a supporter that is already serving a national stadium ban.

Begs the question how did he get in if he is already banned, and what can stop him from getting in again?


got a 3 month prison sentence, so will be free before the start of next season.

Again, having already been given a stadium ban, he still managed to get in, so what is to stop him getting in again in the future?

His face was al over Dutch media, if they don’t recognize him now when he tries to get in on somebody else his season tickets they must be real idiots.