The Referees or The Twelfth Man

They are meant to get a yellow card at the moment and that is very inconsistently administered. I can only see the same happening and referees using it against players that they have a personal dislike for.

The only advantage I could see is that it would avoid situations like Dalot being double yellow carded at Anfield because he would have change to calm down.

I think the biggest concern fans have right now is perceived inconsistency between officials, or even between incidents with the same official. This will by design introduce even more differences in outcomes among similar incidents, and so doing that can only be seen as a giant fuck you to your biggest stake holders.

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I don’t want to see referees given any further powers until the consistency and competence is sorted out.


Darwin would have been given a blue card/sin bin for his dissent whereas Odegaard gets none even though he committed decent not just in this game but the last one also.

As you said you can’t trust refs to be consistent


Don’t mean to be a smartass, but I think you probably meant ‘dissent’

Yes, he did because there is no way the word “decent” should appear in the any sentence when used about EPL refs


As Klopp (and other managers have touched upon) it is only going to lead to more questions. Along with Yellow and Red cards - which already create debate - a Blue card is just going to add to the confusion.
Why when the majority of Fans, players, managers, etc, want the game to be managed in a more simpler manner are they thinking of adding more grey areas???

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It’s always the same story. Season after season. No surprise there.

You are right no one was decent against Arsenal :crazy_face:

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Keith Urban GIF by Academy of Country Music Awards

Professional Game Match Officials Limited

Piece of shit. All of them.

‘Professional’ - you’re having a laugh. Corrupt and incompetent.

Anyone still naive enough to believe there is no agenda against us?

We’ve won the league and Howard Webb returned - what did we expect is going to happen?

Der Fisch Stinkt Vom Kopf | The Heretic.


What is wrong with Coote? Is he ill. is John Henry giving better stocked brown envelopes than those sjeiks?

This was the second match as a VAR where he could have easily fucked us, two penalty moments against us and he did nothing.

I’m starting to like im … :see_no_evil:


I thought they were both penalties and I also thought Robbo on Toney was a penalty

Watching a number of Prem games in recent weeks it does seem to me that they have raised the bar on what they will give a penalty for…refs are waving away so many that earlier in the season, they would have been called to the screen

Its the inconsistency, I use the example where Jota was Rugby tackled by their player from a corner kick, ignored by Oliver and VAR.

A few minutes later Reguilon throws himself to the ground after minor hand contact from Bradley, Oliver awards a freekick, when it wasn’t one.

Refs and VAR have to set a level of consistency around the whole pitch, if it is a freekick outside the penalty area, then be consistent and award it in the penalty area. SIMPLE really


It’s consistency within the same game though. It doesn’t sit right for me that you can get away with a foul inside the box that would be 100% given outside it, just because the punishment is greater. That’s absurd.

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There’s even inconsistency in that inconsistency. Rugby tackle in the box at a corner is no foul whereas it would be awarded outside the box.
But slight touch on a striker about to shoot in the box is a foul, but isn’t outside

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Guess you missed the Luton Sheffield game then.

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They (rightly) are picking up on players initiating contact in the box but not elsewhere - probably because, as you say, it is not regarded as a game changing decision.

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They aren’t though, see my last post re Jota being rugby tackled

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