The Room 101 thread

very true…


Fucking hell, now Jurgen is at it…

“I have said from a watching point of view, it’s a much better position. In the Southampton game, it was super helpful. I will sit next to our analysts; they get a bit of support from me.”

“We spoke with the boys this week about it. It’s super important for us and super emotional. We really say goodbye to, in my point of view, four Liverpool legends.”

Jürgen spent too much time with our American owners.

I don’t necessarily subscribe to Hemingway’s iceberg theory, but The Super Old Man and the Sea is a book I would not read.

Fixed for modern accuracy :wink:

Flying !!

Travelling to Europe via US for work.

Work travel agent and EA useless . I gave all details of flights and hotels I wanted to stay in. They booked none of them. Hotel I am saying at first is motorway hotel, that they thought would be more economic. They failed to figure the only way I can get there is by taxi that will cost $200 one way (as there is no public transport). Their solution was that I hire a car to drive 2 hours after travelling travelling for 36 hours.

I am in 5 countries over 2 weeks, and some of the legs they booked the cheapest fare, forgetting to add luggage. They also forgot to book the flight from London to Dubai on my way home. I have left NZ with EA still working with agent to fix it.

This morning the airport shuttle that was meant to pick me up never arrived. So had to drive to airport.

First leg is 15 hours. At the airport find two junior members of staff are on the same flight. For some reason they are flying business class while I am flying economy. I am now on route. Girl behind me was coughing guts up (clearly sick) so managed to move seats. Thought it was OK but now have a 80 year old man pissing about with his phone (using torch function). It’s been 20 minutes and it’s 4 am !!

I hate travelling !

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5 countries in 2 weeks…your not some kind of football signing agent are you…incognito…

Sounds to me like you hate travel agents…

The junior staff flying business tells you it is time to have some earnest discussions about departmental/project budgets.


Haha nope, I am more a scientist/engineer trying to bring technologies back to NZ. I can bridge the gap with business.

Because it’s so far, got to make it count when I do travel. Some really cool technologies in Iceland and the Nordic countries which capture CO2.

Yep I will be talking to Ops GM when I get back about spending (both false economy and sending young members of staff to conferences business class)

Seems pretty clear that those organizations could yield up a big chunk of their budget - and that you need a new travel agent. I’d decline the car rental, take the taxi, and have someone explain the rationale. Sounds like you did most of their work for them, and they did not even execute.


this is 1000% why my wife makes all of her own booking arrangements. She absolutely refuses to let someone else dictate her itinerary. Even books on her own rewards card and collects the points, then expenses it. She’s done Dubai twice, EU 2-3x a year, China twice in last 5 years… All big transit times and no direct flights (obviously)

Get on your bike … or hitch hike. I’d love to see a photo of you on a runway in NZ trying to thumb a flight … :see_no_evil:

And polar bears, you’ve personally killed several thousand of them with all these flights!

You need to find out who fucked up as that’s unacceptable for such a long haul flight. They need bollocking and if it’s not someone inconsequential to your career and you don’t get some sort of apology/recompense, IMHO you need to find another employer.

Edit: see I’m late to the party - glad you will take action ISMF. Unfortunately the squeaky wheel and all that.
For what it’s worth, I’m not against ‘junior’ staff flying business for long haul as antipodian ones are the worst - but differential treatment like that is unacceptable. My wife recently had the US Govt ask her to fly to Washington for a briefing and they were going to pay economy flights - standard US Govt protocol apparently. She told them to fuck off and they got their creative funding hat on and came back with First Class tickets through an affiliated think tank. Meant the trip only took 1.5 work days as she could sleep and work in the air and didn’t return exhausted.

Advertising agencies and the 5h1t that they come up with. Some of the adverts on telly now are just so bizzare?
Last night there was one for the Cupra car which was just a montage of small scenes. One of them was a woman in full leathers sat on a motorbike breast feeding a baby?
WTF has that image got to do with a motor car?

Adverts and advertising people…in the bin. :rage::nerd_face:

I definitely won’t be traveling Virgin Atlantic any time soon :roll_eyes:

Dirty Bs who pee in a public toilet, zip themselves up and waltz out without washing their hands. :rage:
I’m seeing it happen more and more. It’s filthy. :rage::nerd_face:


the only caveat to that is that ive seen some public handbasins that id rather take a risk with germs on my cock than whats in the basin…

People who walk at 1mph round a supermarket and stop on every corner for a chat. Napalm’s too good for them.

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People who watch you in a pisser to survey if you wash your hands or not! :rofl:

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