The Rugby Union Thread

Pro14 Final tomorrow, right after the Leeds match. Genuinely torn about this one, I have sort of been following Leinster since the beginning of this season, but I love the emotion that Ulster play with.

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Are the Wallabies any good yet?


Interesting one for you @Arminius

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Interesting - Rugby Canada is in desperate financial condition, they were already very tight before the pandemic. But there may be a bit of ‘moneyball’ going on, someone with that pedigree would not look at Canada without funding that RC doesn’t have, except for his personal difficulties.

Also interesting that he is going to working with Toronto and the nationals (training center is on Vancouver Island).

Sadly I think Covid plays a part in this but that is to Canada’s advantage. UK clubs and regions simply dont have the cash to employ another coach, no matter the pedegree. He had no where to go. The whole game is pretty much in stasis here now.

Close to the same here too, although a fall ‘season’ has been put together for kids - no games, no contact, but ball drills and flag. Very tight restrictions, volunteers sanitizing balls and flags, etc. So some cash flow has started up again for the national federation.

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Interesting discussion this afternoon, about what is happening in rugby globally. Apparently, for many rugby powers, the funding model is very much top down - if Ireland doesn’t play, IRFU is broke and the money doesn’t flow down to the clubs. By contrast, Rugby Canada has taken a hammer blow as well, but the funding model is from the grassroots up. This season has been badly truncated, but there is revenue flowing up - and apparently loads of families have ticked the box to voluntarily contribute the same amount to the national teams as in previous years. So while Rugby Canada is even more broke than they were a year ago, the chasm they were trying to close is narrower than it has been in 20 years.