The Rugby Union Thread

Now i know how Milan fans felt in 2005…

This makes that pathetic effort to convert the first try feel like a real kick in the dick

scotland concede 14 penalties in row…

the games corrupt! :wink:

All sports are, nowadays.

I pity the fools who are naive enough to still believe that prowess on the field is all that matters.

is the Welsh no.8 Paul Calf?

Damn, poor Italy. So close.

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I’ll take that second half performance. I’m encouraged. That first half though… That was rough.

Something to work with I think. We need more ball carriers though. And I still have half back concerns.

Overall, this first round of matches was good entertainment. Strange that the most lopsided score was between the two favourites.

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We made a lot of changes right around the half. That enormous difference in performance doesn’t bode well for the lads who came off.

Had it down as a France win against an Ireland team in transition, did not see that performance coming.

The post-Sexton era has started well :joy:

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More or less my expectation as well, I thought it was an early chance for France to take control of the competition. Best case for Ireland I thought was a tight win.

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Yeah, thinking the same, particularly Brown who has struggled to get starting berths for Wales and the Dragons.

Costelow too maybe. Just didn’t make any impression at all.

I also had it as a French win. Home advantage, no Sexton and I honestly thought France would cope ok without Dupont. They really didn’t cope at all.

I was genuinely surprised by how weak their playmaking was - I think of France as being offensively the most difficult to deal with of any nation, because they always seem to have 3-4 playmakers working together. Without Dupont, I expected something more like what a good All Blacks side always seems to have, good offensive flow running through 2-3 players dictating the play. Wasn’t that at all.

Ireland completely dominated the breakdown and France couldn’t generate any pace on the ball from it. While Ireland certainly deserve credit, France offensively were a mess, quickly losing shape and had no cohesion at all.

I say it again…

The games corrupt!

England down to 13 men temporarily after 2 yellow cards then go an score a try to level the game


No they dont…fucking moron :joy:

Enjoyed Ford’s twitch there.

great second try by Wales.