The Tennis Thread

Yrah, I’d never rule out Nole. It’s pretty phenomenal what’s he’s done this year already but it’ll only get harder.

As regards the others, there’s a lot of talent, Thiem was done by injury, Tsitipas hasn’t got the consistency between his ears, defo got the tennis. Zverev very inconsistent, should be better than he is, bad injury aside. I like Medvedev a lot, Rudd is a good player nothing special.

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Of that lot I had high hopes for Zverev, he is the most talented after Alcaraz for me. But a lot of his failings were mental. Two French Opens ago it really looked like he was giving Nadal the business when that horrific ankle break happened. It’ll take some time for him to get back to top shape and also trust his body. But hopefully his mental game is getting better.
Haven’t even mentioned the Canadians Shapovalov and Aliassime who should also be in the mix . Also what happened to Milos Raonic?

Castle really annoyed me with his commentary about Djokovic obliterating his racquet being “understandable”.

Roger, Rafa, Andy and Novak himself have previously gone through many epic finals that didn’t go their way but I don’t remember this level of racquet abuse. I understand he’s pissed off losing to the new kid but he of all people should know better.

And he wonders why fans still won’t warm to him


Obviously out of order but the shot he played was right back to Alcaraz, soft, right height begging to be put away, which Alcaraz did easily. I think that was set point. He should have gone across court, at least if Alcaraz manages a running pass well, you didn’t make it easy. I think Nole knew that was the key moment.

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One I saw earlier in the tournament looked performative

Some outrageous tennis being played between Alcaraz and Medvedev here to close the first set.

Djokovic awaits the winner in the final on Sunday.

I’m glad Medvedev won.

Alcaraz would have probably had a better chance against Novak.

He needs to be a bit more savvy on hard courts. Didn’t play any of the big players during his US open winning runs. He’ll learn and get better.

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Agreed. He’s the future if his body holds up. On the other Djokovich is a machine. Nobody would have beat him yesterday. He was excellent.

He’s never been my favourite player (always liked Federer’s style more) but hats off to him. Have to respect his grit, determination, skill, intensity to be at the very top. All 4 grand slam finals this year.

Edit: Could add hunger, professionalism, self sacrifce still going strong at 36 years of age.


This is an odd article. A student should question the process but there is a line between questioning and respect/arrogance. I hope she finds it but I’m not sure she has the balance right yet - judging from this article.


I blame the ex coaches, it was probably their fault, all 14 of them.

Novak is doing horrible things to Sinner on live television…