The TV Thread redux

I’m halfway through the prequel novel ‘The book of Dust’ and can confirm that when people have sex, their daemons have a bit of a snuggle.

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Damn, I wanted to see full on crocodile hamster banging.

If you’ve read the book, World War Z is a travesty of an adaptation.

2nd episode in, still really cool. Now I have to wait for a damn week for the next episode.

My favourite character since Arthur Shelby without a doubt is Thing.


Justin Roiland dropped from Rick and Morty after domestic abuse charges | Television | The Guardian
Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland has been dropped as the voice of the titular characters on the animated series and will no longer work on the show, after it emerged he had been charged with felony domestic abuse in Orange County.

The 42-year-old has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial after being charged with corporal injury and false imprisonment by menace, fraud, violence or deceit. The charges relate to a 2020 incident against an unidentified woman Roiland was living with and dating at the time.

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So, finished the 5th and final episode last night, and ended up being a real let down.

All through the first 4, it really looked like the team would uncover something quiet big and important, and whilst cracking one of the bigger ciphers is still a major deal, sadly it left me feeling so disappointed as I was hoping they would have taken a major step towards identifying who the zodiac actually is.

Your Honor

Bit late on this 1, trying to finish S1 before the 2nd comes to Sky next Friday I believe (already released on HBO in America) and then will jump straight onto that.

First 2 episodes so far so good, although picked up on few parts they could’ve written bit better.

Another 2 episodes caught up last night and I like the direction it’s going in, father still intent to keep what happened locked away but the silly son tells his lover teacher. Keeps the ending unpredictable. Will the word reach the family who really killed their son? Will they confess? Will they get caught out? All open to go down any route.

I wasnt enthralled by it, but if resolution is what you’re looking for and like True Crime stuff, I’ll be Gone in the Dark might be worth your time. It’s about a true crime writer who started looking into a decades old serial rapist/murder and connected it to two different crime sprees. Over the course of about 10 years she actually started getting really close to solving the case, even becoming partners with the authorities who reopened the investigations, but the stress from it all caused her to die from a drug overdose just before finishing her book about the case. The docuseries is as much about her and her process than it is about the case, but it’s worth it if you like the genre.

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Ooh, sounds interesting. Might check it out - is it on any streaming site?

It’s an HBO show so whatever service you get those on.

Interestingly, she was the wife of Patton Oswald (you might not know the name, but you know the face) and so he was heavily involved in putting together the series, hence the focus on her.

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The Shining Girls on Apple Plus - fucking shit. Steer clear.

Got round to watching the Detectorists special last night. Wonderful stuff. Just the type of thing the British do so well.
Understated, subtle, moving, and quietly hilarious.


Ozark (TV Series 2017–2022) - IMDb

Late to the party,just finished this and definitely do not want to become an accountant for any drug cartels.
But obviously if any cartels want to contact me with offers that I can mull over…


Episode 3 of “The last of us. The expectedly gayest episode ever.

The Last of Us is excellent but I agree with other comments about being fatigued with the genre. Struggling to keep up with it.

Not sure if anyone is aware but The Sopranos is a little bit good.

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Haven’t got round to watching that yet, I must do at some point.

We’re really enjoying Bad Sisters on Apple.

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It’s very good.

Sharon Horgan is a reliable indicator of quality.

Stop what you’re doing and go watch it immediately