The TV Thread redux

Finished Rabbit Hole last night, first series I’ve watched in ages.

Very much enjoyed it, filled to the brim with twists and turns, hope there will be a renewal announced soon.

What platform?

On Paramount.

Lacking a bit with the films (especially of recent time) but have a whole lot going as far as shows goes…

Seems like quite a few shows I’m interested in are on Paramount but I really can’t be arsed to pay for yet another streaming service

I get it for “free” as I’ve got Sky Cinema, but thinking of scrapping Sky entirely once my contract is up in August because it’s actually ludicrous what you have to pay.

It really is mate given the amount you have to pay. I got rid off Sky Movies from my subscription

Despite most my time watching things on the Sky Sports channels (football/boxing/news/darts) I actually only think the Sky Cinema + Paramount combo at £12/month is good value…it’s the £70 a month for Sky/BT sports (HD) + Sky entertainment which is the depressing part. :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway onto a new series to find.

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Negotiate…I had a reduction of £20 agreed on my bill…

When you threatened to cancel right?

Every time…

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Had £50 knocked off ours. It got silly over Covid.


Already on discounted rates that’s the issue & even with further reductions (which I wouldn’t be eligible for until like a few weeks before my contract ends) it’s gonna be extortionate, gonna make an effort to switch to an alternative, maybe find out more about how this fire stick works.

BBC - Once upon a time in Northern Ireland.

Difficult to describe how it made me feel watching this, but can’t help feeling it must have been very difficult living there during those periods.


Tulsa King :+1: :+1:

Gets a double thumbs up from me.

You know when a few familiar faces pop up from doing similar work you’ve seen but can’t quite put name to face…John Centiempo and Dominick Lombardozzi are those people for me.


If you ever enjoyed any of those 70s Kung fu movies/shows like Drunken Master, Lone Wolf and Cub, Prodigal Son and in particular Monkey or if you liked Everything, Everwhere All at Once, then it might be worth giving ‘American Born Chinese’ a look on Disney+

It’s silly but in the right way. Although I haven’t seen the whole thing yet.


Just started watching Silo, good so far.

What’s the premise?

Jeez, give me a chance to at least flush.

A silo is built for what seems to be a dystopian future. The main rule is not to say you want to go out, or else you are sent out without any chance of return. It’s been so long since construction that they dont know the history as everything before the rebellion (inside silo) was destroyed, 150+ years.

On apple.

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I’m enjoying silo as well, but it’s one of those shows that keeps everything behind the curtain, so the show will sink or swim with the reveals. Good so far.

I’ve become really aggravated by the one episode per week model, but Im looking forward for enough to have been released that I can give this a good uninterrupted run through.

Succession ended last night and Ted Lasso next week, so some big holes are waiting to be filled.

As for succession, I dont want to give away spoilers, but I think while many might have predicted the ending, I think focusing on that narrow a detail often misses the point. The point of this show was never about who was in charge, but the shit shows at the fuck factory that gets the characters there. And speaking of which there were some great call backs in the dialogue last night to those sort of memorable lines.