The TV Thread redux

Thematically similar but different source from what I know. Monkey comes from Journey to the West (meaning India, not our west) Journey to the West - Wikipedia but even that text is just a reuse of centuries older tales and characters so Im sure there is overlap between the two

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HBO is doing a special promotion shows from a different network that often gets a lot of the Sky Atlantic dramas and so we have Gangs of London available. I started it a couple of nights ago and think it takes itself way too seriously for a show that also thinks it’s a bit Joh Wick like.

Started watching the new Justified show. Its ok. I miss the opening theme music from the original. Still does well with casting the crazy guy.

Just finished the last episode of the mandalorian . I cant wait for season 4, absolutely loved it.

I just saw that last week. may have to dig into that one and give it a try.

My wife is currently watching “Only Murders in the Building”.

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Season 1 and 2 were very good. We had a Mandalorian who was the star of the show. The one with the gang freeing the prisoner was excellent. It’s a bit video game side quest but still fun. Now he’s being replaced. Why? For what purpose? Disney is going to have to change this shit or die. Nah, they won’t. If there isn’t a strong female lead then the world will end. They’ve actually gender swapped the lead charachter. Why do I care? Well it obviously matters a LOT to other people otherwise it wouldn’t have happened.

Waiting for the usual giffs and accusations of being an ist or a phobe which is frankly nonsene. It’s observation.

They still have a Mandalorian as the star of the show.

I’ve seen a lot of people criticise the show for the same reason as you are, but I don’t see them as having changed the lead character at all.

Maybe they will, and maybe that’s because the actor himself wants to focus on other movies or shows - but the way series 3 ends very much leaves open for ‘the’ Mandalorian to continue being the focus of the show.

However, the title I think is quite clever because it is natural to assume that it refers to Djin Djarin - but it could equally apply to Grogu.

I watched the Mandalorian - and I’m not sure what you’re talking about. They are replacing Pedro Pascal with a woman?

Or you just don’t like the Katee Sackhoff character?..

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I can boil this down. Disney production meeting.

“We have a successful series that’s attracting subscribers”
“Is a woman in the lead?”

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I dont know if people know this, but Pascal is only a voice actor for the show and comes in to add voice overs once the show has already been filmed. One take is the time required for that is much smaller than if he was in the suit shooting the scenes, which maybe makes it an attractive gig. The other is that lots of actors find this work really quite boring so he might just be ready to move on to something more like “real acting”

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Just finished season one of Netflix’ live action One Piece.

Perfect cast. Definitely enjoyed it and according to reviews even hardcore fans of the anime did too.

I have watched close to 100 episodes of the anime over the years in no particular order but I’d never have the time to watch over 1000 episodes like some of my friends do.

So I’m glad if they can repackage this in some 5 seasons live action.

The anime is a global phenomenon and I’m expecting the Netflix series to compete with the likes of Stranger Things.

Season 2 has already been confirmed.


I’ll let my son know. He was a big fan of the comics/anime.

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Just started it, delightfully batshit crazy.


Yeah, it’s good. But know I’m worried that they will ruin it in the coming seasons.

My only problem is that it will take Netflix at least a year to get a new season done.