The TV Thread redux

I dont know if this is urban legend, but there are allegedly a collection of episodes for which the master records were thrown away in a mix up at the BBC


It flew under the radar when it first came out, but The Other Two on HBO (Max) has now just finished its third season and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s about two siblings in their twenties trying to make something of themselves in New York who have to deal with the sudden stardom their kid brother achieves after releasing a song on youtube.


It was common policy until the mid 1970s to wipe and reuse all videotape. If the programmes were intended for reuse or overseas sales they would be transferred to 35mm film (telerecording). These films were meant to be returned to the BBC after use but many were lost or stolen.

There was a story that the first part of Invasion of the Dinosaurs in 1974 had been wiped as it was confused with a 1968 story called The Invasion but that had been wiped long before. In fact the whole thing was meant to have been wiped but 5 of the episodes remained for some reason. The missing episode was eventually recreated from a black and white telerecording.

It was not long after that that the BBC changed it’s policy to retain tapes. I believe this was actually because it became cheaper than telerecording by default.

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Started rewatching Mad Men. Still a gripping watch, even knowing what happens. Also, Joan.

Angry Mad Men GIF


Joan :heart_eyes:

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Been watching it the last couple of days, and whilst I found it a bit hard to really get into, I couldn’t turn it off to find anything else either.

And the general storyline is actually something that is interesting and new, it is rare for new shows to really stand out as something like nothing else but with the concept of the same body showing up in 4 different time periods and each investigation is a rather new and surprising concept

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The missus forced me to watch Drops of God recently. What a pile of crap! Avoid at all costs. The plot is preposterous, the characters odious and everything is contrived and predictable.

Just saw a trailer for an apple TV show - Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

Apparently out on 17 November. Hadn’t heard anything about this before but its a Godzilla universe show.

I’m not subscribed to Appletv but might have to soon as they always seem to have good shows.

Watched All The Light We Cannot See on Netflix. It was good, easy watch, only 4 episodes.

Episodes start landing from the end of the month…


Watching Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire on Netflix, and I knew that the NSW cops in the 70’s and 80’s were dirty fuckers and corrupt but damn this is a whole new level of shitery even for them

Nathan’s on going commitment to his character is enough to make Andy Kaufman tell him to lighten up

I just finished this last night. It started off encouragingly, but ended up feeling too derivative of Dark. Obviously they dont have a licence on this sort of timeline intertwining sort of story, but even down to the beats of the story it felt like much of it was very closely borrowed. By 3/4 of the way through it felt like a cheap way to do a quick english language version for people who cannot be arsed with subtitles/dubbed foreign language shows. Even to the year of the earliest timeline feels like a shout out to the Dark writers’ newer show (1889).

I think if you find yourself as a trippy “WTF is happening with these timelines” sort of show getting compared to Dark, that is a comparison that isnt going to make you look good in comparison. My abiding though after finishing it was “I should probably give Dark another go around”.


I think we found that a little with Bodies. The problem with many of these is that they dramatically stop making sense when they have even cursory logic applied to them. The film Tenet was a great example of that, although it is one that is actually more interesting for why it makes no sense rather than any story that they were actually trying to tell.

Having said that, I was rather disappointed that they cancelled The Time Travellers Wife after one series. Possibly the problem with that is that it too closely resembled one of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who storylines (I haven’t read the book or seen the original film of that so it’s quite possible that Moffat “borrowed” the story wholesale).

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I dont know if they maintained it in the show, but there’s also an uncomfortable grooming angle to that story

I couldn’t get into Tenet. I felt like I was waiting the whole movie for something to happen, and it never did.

Not a fan of Stephen Moffat’s writing either. Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes are two of my treasured franchises and I didn’t get much from either show since he was writing for them.

It was one of the most disappointing 2 hours of my life given the extended hype over it (hyped because of Nolan, and then that was drawn out because of Covid). I think my comment afterwards was that it might make more sense if I watched it again, but was way too crap to put myself through that to find out.

I ended up discussing it with a friend who is a physics lecturer. My take on it, was that it was not about time travel so much as entropy and, as such, it made no sense whatsoever but the way it didn’t make sense were actually quite interesting (for example, a building exploding in both directions of time and the bullet hole in the glass). My friend was planning on using some clips as a teaching aid because entropy is one of those things that people just tend to take for granted without realising the consequences of it.

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I think there definitely is although it depends on how you read it. The themes are around free will and determinism so the characters meeting when they are younger can’t do anything that will affect their lives in the future. There were a couple of scenes that did feel a bit squeamish.

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Watched Dr Who last night. And again this morning just to make sure it wasn’t a bad dream.

80% brilliant, the rest was, well, watch it.

I couldn’t have written a scrip that took the piss out of the BBC’s agenda any better.