The TV Thread redux

Yeah, pretty much what I was thinking. We watched it this weekend, watching the first few episodes on Saturday night before watching the rest of the series last night. Thought the guy from breaking bad was good. My wife was on tenterhooks the whole time when watching but I was left wanting more from it than it delivered.

The Brothers Sun

It was just ok.

Never really takes the opportunities that present to build something big up, fell kinda flat and takes the most simplistic way out (when they had the guy in custody or when she inserted the tracker in his phone). The main twist involves a character we don’t really learn much about then the major fight scene near the end is quite uninspiring followed by the formulaic happy ending where everyone gets what they want. Works as an action comedy but I reckon it’d been better off showing more of the crime world.

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I really enjoyed 3 Body Problem :eyes:

Episode 5 was the absolute highlight. If you know you know lol

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I think I enjoyed it as well, but just didnt think it was particularly well done if that conflict makes any sense.

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did anyone else watch a 1-season show called Rubicon from 2010?

If there was ever a show that deserved a second season, that was it.

For those wrestling fans here (not sure whether to keep this in the sport thread or here)

How to destroy a company in one interview.

He did the same when he initially left WWE 10 years ago, the whole “pipebomb” speech he delivered on his way out wasn’t as scripted as many believe. There is a lot of genuine distaste between him Vince and HHH to this day but here we are 10 years later and we’ve come full circle.

Phil is a very what you see is what you get type character IRL, he doesn’t hold back from anything.

That’s what it seems like.

But what’s ironic is that AEW was basically built on his pipebomb promo. The idea that WWE were holding back on talented indie wrestlers.

They managed to get him onboard , he was probably one of the few merchandise movers there who could sell something close to what WWE guys do and they then proceeded to combust.

We’ve needed a rival promotion to get close to competing with WWE for decades, the guys that put together that idea are very close friends and spent a lot of time together in NJPW.

With Tony Khan’s backing they’ve done a hell of a job in the industry to build it up to what it is now, 5 years on the map and it’s already outgrown all the other companies & with or without Punk they’ve shown they can sell out the likes of Wembley stadium at ease.

It’s empty stadiums most of the other times now. Big ticket events don’t matter if you aren’t selling out regular shows.

This is worse than TNA level bad.

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I’ve just finished Episode 5 the final sequences just gave me massive Dr Who vibes (which I think is a badly done show, with a bizarre popularity). So far 3 Body Problem is much more interesting than Dr. Who but I’m a bit concerned about where we are going now.

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Netflix - Parasyte The Grey… South Korea getting in on Stranger Things action

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Watched the first two episodes of ‘Sugar’ on Apple tv. Not bad. I’m a big fan of golden era of detectives which this harks back to. Interested to see where it goes - hopefully it isnt a lazy Chinatown knock off.

Also watching Monarch and enjoying it.

Tempted to start watching ‘Chicken Nugget’ this weekend which sounds like it is some weird South Korean comedy.

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just to bring it down a notch or two…

the latest ‘bad batch’ is pretty cool…far from the train wreck alot of star wars stuff is nowadays…

even the fenec shand and Asajj stuff seems CAF

the Star wars universe is a weird one…its so popular, for reasons i completely understand…but most of the official content is dribble…

i mean…Anakin Skywalkers story should perhaps be the greatest cinematic story ever told…its such a great Arc…but the universe that created it, failed to capitolise on it, and seem intent on undermining it…


There are some good Korean series. But most are not.


Now close the thread.

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The only series which somewhat did justice to Anakin Skywalker was the clone wars animated series.

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And the fact that there are Star Wars games which have better character building (KOTOR) pretty much shows how weak Lucasarts and later Disney have been in building Vader.

revenge of the Sith was OK…but yes, clone wars was peak Anakin…id love them to add a few more seasons to it, somewhere in the middle, but they wont…

even the final season again from a heavy Anakin POV would be insanely good… (could be)