The TV Thread redux

I kind of wish Netflix still had more low budget niche stuff. Or it’s just not my niches.

Keeping Prime. And Disney for the Mrs, Simpsons especially. And for the gay stuff of course.

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The odd thing is, it’s the old films that my eldest son goes for. They incorporated all the old 20th Century Fox catalogue which is a huge bonus. I quite like their National Geographic strand, although no-one gets close to the BBC for science and natural history output. It’s a shame that they have been killing off the likes of Horizon over the last few years.


The Werner Brothers CEO has gone on record saying one of their biggest challenges in the current market is their lack of fresh franchises. As much as people may say they want original content, the market shows that they only reliably show up for familiar IP.

Their flagship IP is Harry Potter and LotR, which are both over a decade old, and DC, which is beset by issues. Maybe GoT, but I think given the costs those shows have had to make those arent slam dunks anymore either. He has stated that the thing that will define if they are successful over the next decade is either finding new reliable IP to franchise or finding ways to squeeze something more out of HP or LotR, which is why there has been news about them doing tv reboots of both


Disney himself said that the best thing he did was buy in good IP. The story of Poppins is legendary. The money they made from Pooh Bear is eye watering.

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That just reminded me. I still have to watch “Saving Mr Banks”.


Peter Jackson’s LotR films are untouchable for me and people should have been prevented from doing anything in that universe ever again, Jackson included. It pains me to see that something of that magnitude and importance can/will be tarnished, so that some company could make more money.

They should get their DC house in order, there’s plenty of material there for it to rule over the next few decades, if they only found a direction - which I hope that did when they hired James Gunn.

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Not sure if this will sway anyone either way :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I’ve spoken about this a good amount, but the so called “Streaming Wars” forced Netflix into this direction. For as popular and culturally relevant as their originals were, their viewing stats were always driven by people binging hours and hours of licenced content that was comfortable and familiar, like Friends, that they were able to acquire relatively cheaply given the lack of meaningful competition for the streaming licence. Once other major players got into streaming they stopped licencing their content to Netflix and they were faced with a content crisis and so they had to switch their strategy to going and acquiring a TON of original programming. Without that we probably wouldnt have got stuff like Squid Game, Lupin etc because they leaned heavily on the international market. But it also meant we had loads of shit that viewers watched incorrectly thinking if it has the Netflix brand it is probably quality. And it wasnt.

There was a period when there were serious concerns in the industry about whether the new model could work, especially with results like losing subscribers in the same period as they launched Stranger Things S4. But they appear to have won out. The financial loses everyone else were accruing to try to catch up just weren’t sustainable. Everyone else was losing Billions a year while Netflix remained profitable, even if user satisfaction with it dropped. So now everyone is pulling back admitting they cannot out Netflix Netflix, and if they are not trying to outcompete them they may as well generate licence money from them, so gradually the external content is coming back. The big crossing of the rubicon moment though was when Werner Brothers, a company who had always refused to licence to them because of HBO, finally decided the licence money was more valuable to them than maintaining the exclusivity on their platform.

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Didn’t realise our chairman had a brother and their own streaming platform…

Where is the HBO money, Tom?

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PL Travers won’t sell under any circumstances. Particularly to a man who wants to add animation and music. Doesn’t matter how much, she ain’t selling. Q Walt and a little Disney magic :slight_smile:

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Netflix seem to be signing WWE as well.

How much of business sense that makes is something I have no clue about

Right, Dr Who Ep3, let’s see if they can pull this back. Hate being a fan of this program at times, but this is what fans do…… Oooh, good start.

Edit, ah, the evils of capitalism.

Edit, “had to diffuse one once at a lesbian gymkana” Fuck sake….

Edit. “Agness and millisent my parents”

Can we have 5 mins without a gay reference? But do feel free to ignore it.

I take it back, kicking faith is ACE!

Nice setup and payoff.

Gatwa does have the potential to be a brilliant doctor. Insane energy and charisma, reminds me of me. This episode wouldn’t rank in the top 50 ever but it is at least a hell of an advance on the last two. Fingers crossed.