The TV Thread redux

I thought Bridgerton was a pastiche.

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Yes, it gets a bit meta, doesn’t it.

I think I enjoyed last night’s episode, but it did feel, for the first time this series, that they were rehashing old ideas. The Rogue character was essentially a lightly rewritten Cpt Jack.

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As long as he doesn’t behave on set like the actor playing Captain Jack…

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Well, I’m assuming that is why they are introducing a new character. However, the similarity in the stories and character are too close to be coincidental. The episode wasn’t written by Russell T Davies, but I am assuming that he told the writers to insert that (or scripted it himself uncredited)

I’m just wondering whether this is a Cpt Jack reboot?

I was disappointed in it because it didn’t feel like it was doing anything meaningful with the star wars universe. It felt more like a generic adventure story with some jedi stuff thrown in to justify it having the star wars tag. E3 this week made me reconsider. While the execution might still be questionable there are at least some interesting directions they are trying to go with it.

Also, if this was episode that made the “Go Woke Go Broke” crowd got so worked up about - fucking LOL. What a bunch of fucking babies.


I know I’m extremely late on this but I finally got around to watching Killing Eve. Season 1 was good, even though I’m not a big fan of Sandra Oh (her character in Greys has no redeeming qualities and it’s put me off her a bit). Season 2 was fine too but I just started Season 3 and realized I’m not interested anymore. I feel like the story was told and then artificially kept alive because it was popular. Eve and Villanelle haven’t even interacted in what feels like forever and it’s getting a little tiresome to keep seeing Villanelle develop almost superhuman abilities to perform assassinations.

In season one she would negotiate herself into a situation by playing off the fact she’s a skinny woman - act like a prostitute sent to a rich Spanish guys birthday party in order to get him alone, act like an over excited amateur perfume maker selling her product to a famous perfume designer etc. But now she just walks into a house uncontested and starts throwing piano tuning equipment around like it’s a ninja star insta-killing everyone.

Think I’ll just leave it at 2 seasons and move on.


Just been through the Pandorica with Matt Smith and the family. My god, brilliant writing and zero reference to the Dr’s skin colour and trouser content. Ah, the good old days.

Will have to check it out now. I love anything that pisses off those whiny cryarses.


Look at the viewing figures. Yeah, fucking babies. Literally nobody is buying this shit anymore but that’s all about the fans now isn’t it. Fed up of explaining fanbaiting.

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i doubt it was…

there really wasnt anything to get upset about…basically a witches coven is hiding two prodigious talents…

i wont give away any spoilers, but the third episode is basically the explainer as to why the first two episodes played out the way they did…

i personally thought it went too long as i gathered everything that happens in the third episode from the first two episodes …but it was still quite enjoyable…

maybe…MAYBE…the GWGB brigade were getting upset about the hints about not needing a male for conception, but i cant imagine its that big a deal…

Just agree that the force is female and all’s cool. I remember being hauled over the coals for pointing that out a few years ago. Seems I was absolutely, utterly and evidently correct.

Funny that threads are cut with scissors :wink:

Can I point out that “the GWGB brigade” have just pointed out what was going to happen, what was happening and what did happen? Thanks.

Or are Marvel, Starwars and Dr Why currently enjoying massive views and revenues thanks to embracing a distinctly Californian culture?

Dr Why sends their regards:

Oh and The Marvels, great film…

The film was a box-office bomb, grossing $206 million worldwide against a gross production budget of $274.8 million, making it the lowest-grossing film in the MCU and one of the few MCU films not to break even in its theatrical run.

But it’s the a fault of the writers, not the spreadsheet tick box hiring strategy.

I’ll go with the Spoilers

The kids were born of the force. The anger is coming from the idea this revelation supposedly “diminishes Anakin”, by mirroring his immaculate conception. This is was presented in the PT as identifying him as the person who satisfied the prophecy of being the “chosen one to bring balance to the force”. The frustration is seemingly that by Anakin no longer being unique in that regard it’s pissed all over that part of the story line. But I don’t know how you can think that because we all knew at the time that this take on Anakin was wrong given we all knew who he would become and what he would do. The point of the “he’s the chosen one” was to demonstrate the folly of who the Jedi had become. If you accept that the prophecy was bollocks then there is no harm to Anakin’s importance to show other kids created in a similar way. This is a legit direction to take with a new show because it fleshes out the idea from the PT that the Jedi’s attitude and actions helped lead to their own downfall. The angle is that it provides a bridge to the to Darth Plagueis’ story of learning how to use the force to create/sustain life. My criticism of the first two episodes was that it felt like generic plot that had generic characters replaced by Jedi. This plot development makes it a legit star wars universe story. We’ll see if they do justice with it.

But of course the real issue is that these characters are women and that’s just DEI propaganda, or some shit like that.

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Fuck me, of all the people to buy into this bollocks I didn’t think it would be you.

It is sad that you think that. Watching this episode and doing a touchdown dance at having had your criticisms of this pandering to wokeness be proven right is about as substantive as having your faith in god validated for you by seeing Jesus’ face in your toast.


In this? And almost every other show currently being produced by Disney? After a while, if you’re seeing Jesus everywhere, there must be something going on.

Tell me you’ve all seen the Southpark episode into the pandaverse?

I’m going to regret asking this, but we watched “The Acolyte” last night and quite enjoyed it. What is the controversy about it? Does it break some long held fan canon?

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