The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 2)

Got English, Scottish and Irish ancestry so would most likely have some Welsh somewhere, but nothing that I know defenitely.

I’ll take it. It has to be better than Ampadu

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Gakpo and Bellingham have great world cups, extra £20mil already needed, Ward was like fuck this…

Emmer Valencia it is.

You could probably get Gakpo, Musah and Kone for the price of Bellingham.


and I’d still prefer Bellingham

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'ere ya are …

He scored against us so we’re bound to buy him!


‘He wanted to join Everton in the summer’ - obviously desperate

ive told you a million times to stop exeggerating

Its only 999,998 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is that how they pronounce or spell it in Australia?

Throw Kudus in there too and its a deal.

NEW: Liverpool would likely need to see the departure of Fabinho if they were to make a move for West Ham midfielder Declan Rice. #lfc [neil jones]


So to get Rice we’d need to get rid of our only #6 but to get Jude no problems here’s the 100m?

Makes sense.

Isnt Neil Jones fairly reliable?

If I just bought one house, why are people telling me I cant afford to keep buying more unless I fitst sell the one I just budgeted for.


Or we are planning for life as a 4231…

It’s how we work isn’t it or generally have.

So I think it’s just guess work. They haven’t genuinely known what we are doing for a while.