The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 2)

It really is, but notice ol’ Craig Johnson liked the post

I like anything that isn’t squabbling about transgender.

This thread is such a disappointment though. I wake up and see 25 posts, expect some great, if unreliable, rumours, and all we get is bitching about hairstyles.

I’m not asking for much, just a good, solid, unreliable rumour about a top midfielder who will transform our season. See to it chaps!

ps CJ always had great hair, carried on the Keegan tradition with style. He even got away with a middle aged pony tail.

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Can I interest you in an Arsenal reject?

Better Off Dead Cash GIF by MOODMAN

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Loved that film, Cusack was brilliant in it :slight_smile:

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Better off Dead….sounds like our season so far

i always thought he sounded like a car…just bought the new Ford Guendouzi


Well Bajcetic singed a new contract. There’s our January midfield signing! In all seriousness, happy for him and the club. He has the potential to be special.


I don’t think I was even aware of him at the beginning of the season. Very pleasantly surprised by his progress so far.


A Guendouzi loan gives me Ozan Kabak vibes.


I feel more positive about it than I do with Atilla

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Yes, the idea is growing on me, a relatively cheap loan deal perhaps with an option to buy for a still young but somewhat experienced player who is capable of doing a lot of running for the team.

What on earth is going on at Ajax atm? a loss and 6 straight draws in the last 7 games for them, that’s astonishing seeing as Ajax are usually (& probably still are) a million miles ahead of your PSV’s and Feyenoord’s of this world squad wise.

Perfect time for a last ditch attempt to bring in Kudus?

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The comparison in my mind comes from the circumstances behind the loan moves.

  • We have a position of significant need.
  • Our primary targets are unavailable this window.
  • We bring on a young, mercurial talent that will likely not stick here long term, but temporarily fills a position of need until our primary targets are attainable during the next window.
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They lost almost their entire first team over the summer. Utd took 2 players, two of their best young players went to Bayern. Haller their top scorer joined Dortmund. Schuurs went to Italy and even the old reliables in Tagliafico and Blind have now gone.

That’s 8 players who would have all expected to play in their big games last season. Even in a shit league that is hard to recover from.


Still bizarre for me, Ajax are no strangers to losing their best players year on year. I can understand if theyve been up and down this season but they won 6/6 at the beginning of the season. They still have the most decorated team in the Eredivisie so the drop off the past few months has been staggering.

Ajax fans were distinctly unimpressed with their manager, Schreuder, even when they were winning games. I don’t think they’re too surprised to see the regression now.

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@Sweeting starting to scout other fan’s forums lately?


There wasn’t much wrong with Kabak if truth be told he wasn’t ever going be like what we had lost to be fair.

I’m kind of sold on the move for the ex Arsenal man. As others have said it gives legs in the middle.

Not sure about that Atilla bloke, looks about 40 and works on a building site.

You forgot to mention they spend over a €100m bringing in new players.

They are shite … :+1:

If the rumours are true that Phillips is being sold, wouldn’t we need a homegrown midfielder to take his spot?

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