The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 2)

Yeah, wow.

Great to see but that’ll soon be kicked out of him on his first visit to Everton, Villa, Newcastle, MU, MC - well pretty much as soon as he plays in the PL…

He has no Ajax background so I am oké with the transfer …:sunglasses:


Was too slow to get up after the goalline clearance :wink:

I’d 100% take a nap after doing that, and consider it well earned


I’d probably stop half way through.

I took up the idea of pressing in my early 30s because our goalie was good at the time. I’d usually last 10 mins

Im still very good at directing other players, Hendo style, on where to step up to when trying to press (and then being responsible for it all coming apart when the ball gets to my guy)

“fuck sake, Jimmy. You should have been tighter” I tut

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I was exceptionally good at man marking in my youth but yeah University ended all that :joy:

I’d struggle to even get half way through.

Last time I tried to do any running I ended up crumpled in a heap in a gutter after pulling my hammy trying to catch a bus

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I did my PCL in in December but I was fine before Covid. Just lost all fitness and gained weight since. All a bit gutting.

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I saw the thread on Twitter earlier about Micky Van de Ven.

Big lad. Strong. Very fast. Left footer. Lots to like. He can improve further in all aspects of his game, but for Prem purposes, he would need to improve in the air.

If, for arguments sake, we signed him and he played in a back three, along with VVD and Konate, that would free Trent up to play mostly in the midfield, and yes, I do think it might mean Robbo’s days are numbered.

Our system has definitely shifted in the last couple of months, since Trent has been getting on the ball in the midfield a lot more as the playmaker. It will be interesting to see if we go all the way to a back three, as it will have implications.

Shouldn’t have been out of position in the first place.

My defender in the opposition half!

Premier League No GIF

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Crazy how easy it is to lose it all, I slipped my disc and still haven’t got back to my old level of exercise. Used to play 5 aside and squash 4 times a week.

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:pensive:Nice bit of speed alright but he only had to keep up with the player who ended up on the ball and their starting positions were the same.

My nap would be permanent

Coffin Dancing GIF


Now they are legends

So - I have thoughts.

Chelsea’s academy has been quite underwhelming recently but one thing they have gotten down to a fine art is having a promising young defender breaking through every couple of season. Fikayo Tomori, Trevoh Chalobah, Marc Guehi, Levi Colwill and the latest is Bashir Humphreys (Brodi Hughes or Travis Akomeah will be next).

Anyway, I agree with you that Levi Colwill is the most talented of that group. I’m actually surprised that Chalobah is the only one there this season, he’s done pretty well but he’s probably the least talented football on that list.

However, Colwill hasn’t been consistently good at the Premier League level yet, or at least he hasn’t been consistently involved. Only played twenty-one times for Brighton, sixteen in the league, this season despite playing well in those games.

Marc Guehi is about three years older but has been a first team regular since he arrived at Crystal Palace - he’s played over eighty times in two years there. He’s also the vice captain (I believe he’s now the de-facto captain actually) and - although it’s hard to judge CBs statistically - shows up nicely in possession

He’s more of a sweeper style defender, plenty of pace, modern type defender.

However as I said above I think Colwill is more talented. He’s another step up on the ball and better aerially while having many of the same positive traits as Guehi. However you have to account for the fact that Brighton have often this season felt like he was better in a backup role than as a starter - which I think is just an experience and maturity thing. He’s clearly worked his way into the rotation more regularly recently. Colwill’s FBRef page is ridiculous (small sample size warning).

I’d say that if we wanted a full time starter right now, then Guehi is the better option. If we want someone to come in as a backup and grow into playing time then Colwill will become the better player over the next few seasons. Both are left footed and I think both could work here but Colwill is just a slightly higher level prospect despite being a little further behind in his development.

Hard to fathom what Chelsea are doing though. Could have spent no money and had Tomori and Guehi starting tonight. Instead they have Fofana and Chalobah. As seems to always be the case with Chelsea recently , they spent a tonne of money to get worse.

Having said that I’d surprised if Chelsea let Colwill go to us. I said in May of last year that most clubs would integrate him to the first team and Chelsea are probably in a position to do that next season. Although they do make dumb decisions with their youth prospects so maybe.


Sign him!

Shit attitude :grimacing:

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No thanks to Lavia :grinning:

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