The Walking Eagle thread

Find this pretty shitty of the authorities - 2 months on from the Baltimore Bridge crash, the crew of the ship are still stranded onboard - visa restrictions. Their phones confiscated as part of the investigation. Seems very OTT. Appreciate they will still need to work on the ship, but at least put them up in a hotel or something, or if you’re so terrified they might make a runner, just chuck em on planes home and sort the ship out yourselves!


I like to blame Trump for everything, but is this really his fault?

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This isn’t anything to do with Trump! With that said, it is an example of a harsh American approach to justice, especially towards those of certain backgrounds and ethnicities. People like Trump - wealthy and white, have a nicer ride.

standard operating procedures. ships crews have to be cleared to enter the country like anyone else. That they took out a bridge in the harbor doesn’t help their cause, and the risk of flight upon entering the country likely prevents their VISA from being issued.

I’m afraid that this will be of little interest for his followers. They seem to think he can’t do anything wrong.

So just leave them stuck on a tin can…how nice.

As i said, send them home.

LOL they spend their entire year on the ship. not like they are being tortured FFS.

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No phones or communication with their families…stuck for 2 months without moving. At least when theyre sailing they have shit to do and have a port call in sight.

guess you didn’t read the article.

Maybe the steamship line whom they work for should be handling those affairs. Since it happened on their vessel.

I did thanks. Nice try though

you say they have no phones or communications but in the article it says they gave them cell phones and SIM but no data.

Its fine. You’re content with them being treated as sub human.

no, I’m a realist. they just sailed a loaded vessel into a bridge in a major american city, and destroyed it. they’re obviously a target of an investigation.

I think this language seems a bit harsh, as it implies that they directed the ship at the bridge and did it intentionally. If that’s what the investigation finds, then fine, I will be willing to say they sailed a loaded vessel into a bridge in a major American city, and destroyed it.

We will see what unfolds, but it looks like some sort of catastrophic mechanical failure (lights flashing and going off, massive plume of smoke) and with a loss of systems, the giant ship veered off course and went into the bridge.

It looks like a clear accident, although let the investigation run its course and see if there was negligence, or if higher up the line the company didn’t do the right maintenance or whatever.

Keeping the men on board is not that big a deal to me, as they will be merchant seamen, and quite used to traveling around the world for long stretches away from home.

So long as they have the necessities, they will be fine.

Mind you, I do stand by the point that justice in America skews against foreigners, and ethnic minorities, and often times, at least by Western European standards, conditions are harsh. But I suspect the ship protects them from some of that, and in some ways is a home away from home.

Crucially, they do not have freedom of movement, and since they are being detained I hope the process runs its course as quickly as possible.

pretty damning report.

I love how the company operating the vessell has already requested a limit of legal liabilty to ~$45mil… probably 1/20th of what the lawsuit will be.

There are 3 explanations:

  1. sheer damn luck
  2. regulations not followed
  3. gaps in regulations

The problem is if the NTSB determines that there are gaps in the applicable safety regulations that allowed an unfit ship to leave port, the respective regulatory agencies will be fought tooth and nail to do anything about it with complaints about “burdensome red tape negatively impact business.”

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