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It is also worth pointing out that both James’ predecessors in the NY AG role brought and won civil suits against the Trump org. This suit is orders of magnitude bigger, but that’s because they are now finally honing in on the organization as a whole rather than isolated ventures.


I understand it. Just like I understand that the special grand jury in Georgia has no power to return an indictment. It’s using the legal system to harass for political purposes. Nothing more. Imagine a squad of attorneys confusing a jury with all the minutia of how assets can be valued. It has no chance to succeed. Waste of time and money. Bring criminal indictments. This is what is required.

That’s a really obtuse interpretation for why a Special Grand jury has been convened.

It’s why I specifically used the phrase, “hasn’t been meaningfully checked.”

With the sheer quantity of cases that have been brought against him over many years, he was always bound to lose some of them.

But I would maintain that he hasn’t been meaningfully checked.

I thought the political machinery would hold him to account when he was President, but it would seem that he just had more ways and means to continue to be a crook.

I mean just the fact that he’s managed to get the courts to compel the appointment of a Special Master for the mar-a-lago documents bust makes me think he’ll get away with that too. Nothing sticks on him. True Teflon Don.

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This article works on the assumption that the Republicans are logical, rational people.

They aren’t.


That turns out not to be working out well for him at all so far.


I hope his troubles compound, and financially he is hammered with massive fines. I hope he becomes untenable politically, even to his base. Ideally I’d like to see him in jail, if he has done enough to warrant that.

A nice swing in the direction of justice would be good to see.


My fear is nothing will stick, again. Or if it does, he will wriggle out of it with a relative wrist slap. My concern is that politically his base will see it all as the crooked system out to get their maverick leader. And finally, I fear tit-for-tat investigations into Democrat politicians, or people connected to them, perhaps even magnifying that up to the level of impeachment. Sort of grandstanding towards the base, if you will. Hunter Biden looks a prime candidate, and they will be looking to stick it to old Joe that way. (It will be unjust, and not nearly equivalent to Trump’s impeachments, but that’s the sort of concern I have).

Ideally Donald is slapped down hard, now, so his resurgence is nipped in the bud.


So what is the outcome of that appeals court ruling for the special master? It seems it’s still in place, but has now been limited to only non-classified documents. Is that right

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I think she wanted to see evidence that Trump had classified certain documents, and since there was no evidence offered, it is back to how it was.

They have access to all the documents, and are presumably using some information for other possible cases, and/or to protect sources and so on.

It means primarily that the DOJ may continue its criminal investigation using the classified documents. The special master may still review those documents looking for executive privilege. It effectively ends using the special master as a tactic to delay a potential prosecution, however, so it’s a big win for DOJ.


So if I have this right, the SM was doing a review of material to identify possible executive or A-C privilege, and the criminal review of the documents was halted pending the SM determination (while the Nat Sec damage assessment had been allowed to continue, despite the DOJ saying it could not happen in isolation from the former). This appeals court ruling is saying the criminal investigation of the confidential records can resume in parallel the SM review, but anything the SM determines is in scope cannot be used in any criminal case they bring. Sort of like a jury being told something they are then told by the judge to ignore? Is that right?

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Worse, Trump went on to allude to having already shared those “declassified” documents. As always with him, the stupid gets all the attention and directs focus away from the bits that are genuinely really bad.


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MAGA - Making Attorneys Get Attorneys

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