THIAGO Alcantara: 2023/24

First Name: Thiago
Surname: Alcantara
Squad Number: 6
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.74m
Weight: 70kg
D.O.B.: 11.04.1991.
Town of Birth: San Pietro Vernotico
Country of Birth: Italy
Nationality: Spanish

The Magician. 97 games, 6552 mins, three goals, six assists.

I really hope he re-joins group training soon and gets a few mins in the next friendly. From where I’m sitting, this lad being fit and in form will completely change the outlook for the season ahead.

We’ve already moved on past Thiago Imo, Szobo and Alexi are our ballers now, they’re the guys that’ll feed those driven passes through the lines, carry the ball forward themselves or find those lofted balls over the top that catches defences on their heels. Playing all 3 in the same midfield together would be kamikaze.

For sure there’s plenty of talent amongst Jones, Mac and Szobo. But we need some experience and authority in there as well. And I’m absolutely promoting them playing all at once. Thiago wears the number 6.

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This will learn ya… Thiago, Witsel & Co. - Evolution of The Number 6 - Powered By Tifo Football - Bing video

What is happening with him is he still injured or is he preparing for Saudi move?

Honestly no idea. Players who still need medical treatment as part of their recovery tend not to go on the tours so I was surprised to see him make it on the Germany trip. Him then not going on the SG trip maybe has some other explanation (could be as simple as being ok with him taking a 2 hour plane trip but not a 12+ hour one), but is explained by him having had some regression of his situation in the time in between

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Thiago like a new signing (again). His preseason starts now.


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11:00am - Or Mer Gerd we need MOAR players

11:02am - [non offer is touted from some club for one of our players] get rid of him

Sevilla doesn’t make much sense for him, why would he replace most probably a final season with Liverpool with Sevilla. Also, we’d probably lose too much experience with him moving on as well. And still looking to add, rather than lose more midfielders.

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Thiago, seen you hardly last season, it is like having a new signing … :sunglasses:

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Does it actually make a difference for a player like him to see out his contract these days?

Thinking that he might still leave to Saudi in September if we bring in Gravenberch.

Even if not - and I’ve wrote this two months ago already - I’m expecting game time for him to be very limited in the final months of his contract.

His last four appearances (feels like it was yesterday but was four months ago) he came on from bench with combined 100 minutes. This was the start of our best spell last season. By the time Thiago makes the bench again two of the players who started ahead of him back then will be replaced by three (maybe four) new midfielders.

Maybe he doesn’t want to go there.

As I said in the past while they all seem to fly out to Dubai for golf trips and the like he’s often seen in places like America or other less visited destinations for footballers anyhow.

I think him and his family are rather settled and with one on the way he probably thinks just see it out and then he has options, MLS will easily be one.

At this moment in time if we do bring in Graverbach then I wouldn’t be bothered if he left but I expect will see the odd appearance as the season goes.

It’s a sad end really but well.

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I’m noting all these comments down to bring back up when Thiago comes back from injury and steers us towards the premier league trophy.

By all means do so.

It’s not going be the reason and we would be champions so why would I care.

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Injury setback but after the international break he will be like a new signing.

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