THIAGO Alcantara: 2023/24

He asked Klopp about his role? That would be helping with medical research.

We just need to move this lad on.

So what, he would not play this weekend anyway because he surely isn´t match fit.

The international break now will be good for him.

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This is thiago…whats the odds he isnt ready after break?

I just can´t stand the negativity and ongoing moaning every time when there is a little setback. It´s so annoying.


Its about his 20th setback since he joined.

At this point he’s a luxury and we should treat him as such. He’s gone next summer anyway so I reckon we approach this season without worrying about him and if he’s fit we pick and choose when we use him but build the midfield tactics and approach around the lads who’ll be here next season too.

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Guess what, your ongoing moaning won´t change that. It is what it is and it´s not Thiagos fault. And this time it really doesn´t matter one bit.


He’s still Liverpool’s best midfielder when he’s fit. And that includes Dom and Mac. Even if he plays 20 games this season , that’s only going to be a good thing for us.

Not to mention the time that he spends with Bajcetic and Gravenberch which can only aid in their development further more.

“when he’s fit”, but he never is so what’s the point using that overstated phrase.

14 games in a row without him now and we’ve done pretty well in that time. As Walshy says, time to wash our hands with the guy. Nothing more infuriating than a sick note. If it’s not his hip it’s his ankle, if it’s not his ankle it’s his hip, if it’s not his hip or his ankle it’s his ear.

He’s staying, so get over it and stop it please, it’s just annoying. Complete nonsense to constantly get upset about things that cannot be changed anyway. Even if he’s not fit, he’s our most experienced and technically gifted midfielder. He can still be a great and valuable mentor for the younger players in the squad, they can learn so much from him. And for a change, maybe some empathy and compassion would be nice because he’s still one of our players.


He’s earning his money by helping Bajcetic and Nunez settle. Chill.

He played 28 games last season. He will play a fair few games this season. He is at the tail end of his Liverpool career and we’ll be looking to the other players in the squad to make the case that they deserve to start ahead of him permanently.

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Never let facts get in the way of having a right proper whinge.

It’s feels really bad when we criticize our players for being/getting injured. I know it’s frustrating, I could barely contain mine in case of Keita and Ox. But, it’s not like they get injured on purpose. Phrases like ‘stealing a living’ is really demeaning for players who are really talented and have performed, at least in phases. Also, it’s ridiculous to expect players to be ironman like Robertson, Milner, or Salah.


is he fit yet…not played in 7 months.

To pass a medical in turkey today?

Today officially marks 3 years since Liverpool signed Thiago for £25m from Bayern Munich.

*Undeniably a world-class midfielder when fit, but injuries have hurt his time at Anfield. *

What would you rate his time at Liverpool so far out of 10?

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