Toulouse vs. Liverpool: Europa League, Nov 9 Thursday 17:45 GMT

A win will just not guarantee qualification, it might ensure top of the group finish as well. I feel Klopp will unleash most of his elites to make up for their abysmal performance last night.

Trent Matip VVD Tsimikas
Szoboszlai Endo Mac Allister
Salah Nunez Diaz



11:45? Maybe where you are…

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Fixed it for the UK market. It will actually be played at 18:45 CET.


I’d go for Jones Endo and Elliot across the middle. In fact there are a few other changes I’d make for starting.

We can not win another game in the group and still top it, given we’ve had a look at each of the 3 oppositions I’m almost certain we could achieve that with our under 8s. They’re worst than Luton shit.

All eyes on Brentford for me,

Kelleher Gomez Matip Quansah Chambers Endo Grav Harvey Doak Gakpo Jota

Quite a lot of the players looked knackered on Sunday, and a large part of that was probably playing in Bournemouth on Wednesday, in a hurricane, and then having the travel issues afterwards.

So I’d rest a lot of the players who have been leaned on heavily. Endo and Elliott deserve to start in midfield. Quansah and Matip should be given the nod, and I’d hope to see Gakpo and Doak get minutes up front.


Szobo, Salah and Nunez should be nowhere near this. We can’t afford to be running them into the ground in these nothing games.

Loads of changes again.


We should be fine with the same 11 that started against them two weeks ago.


Gomez Matip Quansah Chambers
Elliott Endo Jones
Doak Gakpo Diaz

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That didn’t pan out too well for us, in all fairness.


Then again.

Alexis is suspended for the weekend.

Either start him here or send him on holiday before the international break.

Yes there is an international break after the weekend and we have the Saturday early kickoff again (at the Emptyhad).


We were so woeful yesterday I’d play the Under 18s

Isn’t that the latest take?

Guess not but that doesn’t make me think any differently, plus a draw in Toulouse playing the 2nd string would be completely fine.

We shouldn’t be playing first team players where it’s not needed, Thursday is one of those days. If by some divine intervention Toulouse and LASK beat us then ok go and play the first team at USG and welly them. Certainly no need to panic where European qualification is concerned.

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I feel like Gomez starting yesterday might had something to do (also) with Luton and Brentford (two sides who pose a specific threat from set-pieces) being our two consecutive league opponents. Coupled with a so-so Tsimikas in Robbo’s absency so far. So, we’ll see if he starts here, but we don’t have great options at RB either (shame Bradley is still out, these games would be perfect for us to see how much can we count on him in the present and near future).

Could see something similar to the last time we played Toulouse. But with some changes like Quansah starting (instead of Trent last time, so Gomez at RB). Question mark if Jones is fit to return after missing yesterday, see what we do with that in colerration with Mac. Elliott both deserves and needs to start also (Szoboszlai had his first very weak game yesterday). Gakpo starting, possibly Diaz and Doak also.

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Play a proper team, win, open the beer and fuck some beauty’s before returning to Liverpool …

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The priority should be the league so as uasual we should play the bench players. Preferably Mo, Virgil, Becker and Szobo won’t even travel to France.

     Mac allister-Endo-Jones

I’d go with this line up. Since macca is suspended against Brentford he should have a game as a number 8.

Try to take an early lead and then sub off potential starting players for the weekend (Gomez, Tsimikas, Jones, Elliot and Jota)

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I’d honestly just play a team of kids and rest everyone for Brentford. We’re running away with the group, so we can easily afford Toulouse this one if it comes to that…

…I’ll get me coat…

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Why? We don’t play him there apparently.

A) pretty sure Endo will start at number 6 against Toulouse
B) with Andrade coming in in January I guess Macca will play some games as a 6, others as a 8. Time will tell