First Name: Trent
Surname: Alexander-Arnold
Squad Number: 66
Position: Defender
Height: 1.80m
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B: 07.10.1998.
Town of Birth: Liverpool
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

The Prodigy. 273 games, 22460 mins, 16 goals, 72 assists.

This 9days ago…



I wonder if Trent would ever be tried as our No.6 - :person_shrugging:
I mean as soon as the ball breaks, he would be ‘pinging’ it forward 60metres

Looks nailed on to start as our No.6 against the Globetrotters in 3weeks :0)

Ps.When is the pre-match thread getting started
From today’s game…!

Once again, Trent Alexander-Arnold was employed as the starting defensive midfielder and did little wrong against opposition that didn’t really cut loose until after he had departed in the second half. As the clock ticks down, there is now every chance Alexander-Arnold will be the number six at Stamford Bridge - curiously the venue of his only other Liverpool start in midfield more than five years ago.

We’ll see. When you still have so many kids getting so many minutes it should be clear these games at this point are more exercises in getting minutes in your legs as much as they are developing combinations and doing detailed tactical work. As such I dont think there is much we should be reading into them

Moved this here as I think there’s worthy debate unrelated to Chelsea to do with Trent’s role this coming season.

Personally I don’t think you can read too much into these preseason games when our midfield has been unexpectedly gutted and we’re searching around for warm bodies that can play there, while we have options at RB.

I still expect Trent to keep his RB-hybrid role this season, to begin with at least.

I don’t know he has looked excellent in the 6 role, press resistant and dictates play has he has all the passes in his armoury.

Also, defensively he his solid enough for DM as he isn’t isolated 1 v 1, the only concern is how he tracks runners, but that was a big weakness of Fab.

Time will tell but he provides a great option.

If Trent plays the 6 role, it will most certainly put the opposing team’s defence on the back foot, for the entire 90mins… One loose ball bouncing anywhere near Trent, even as far back as the edge of our box… Then the way he can stroke, or strike the ball, connecting with just the one pass down the field, and our forwards will be like the Red Arrows after it…
This is what can be called the ultimate weapon for turning defence into immediate attack…!

Sounds marvellous, but who’s our right back?

Therein lies the issue. I’ve said it before, but imo there are better DM options for us out there than RB options…

We can solve that riddle another day :0)
I think with Trent… he is an astonishing talent in so many ways. Yet he is also limited in what he can and can’t do when played in a position that exploits these weak points of his… Play him to his strengths is what I say, which means exploiting his passing range for the benefit of the team

Fuck it,
Go all out for Hakimi.

He is the best RB in the world, he shouldn’t be playing in the 5th best league in Europe.

Has anyone been paying attention to Trent’s body this preseason?

It’s weird but he kind of looked overweight last season with bulk in the wrong areas, but he also looked overweight because of that (to me at least) ridiculous haircut or lack of.

I’m interested to know whether he is working on other parts of his body because, presumably you want strength in different areas of your body when playing as a 6 when compared to a RB. It might be a silly thing to ask because you probably aren’t going to see noticeable results in 8 weeks of preseason, but then I look at skinny rake Hendo and the abs he developed over preseason…

As so many have said it’s probably not possible to tell anything from some preseason games of massive rotation and it’s best just to wait to see his initial position in the games that matter.

Totally agree and the young Bradley has deputised quite well although not really tested

The OP needs to be updated for his change of position.

“Even when we are pretty short on the No. 6 position in the moment, we still want to try it with Trent at right-back again."

Confirmed as Vice Captain

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Already an iconic picture.

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Is it me or does he look more disappointed than anything else? He wanted the big job!

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He’ll get it next.