US Election 2024

Mr Joshua for President!

Biden is old and doddery. With those limitations he beat Trump soundly last time, passed significant legislation, grew the economy and put millions back to work. Much more on those things than Trump ever did.

Trump is old and doddery too. He stumbles over words, mixes up names, shuffles down walkways, and sips from a cup holding it carefully with two hands. It’s all there on the record.

In addition…

Insurrectionist. Twice impeached. Owned by Putin. Rapist. Constant legal trouble. Lies lies lies incessantly. Crooked his whole life, uses the Presidency to line his pockets, protect himself, and pursue his perceived enemies. He has no vision for the country and is an extremely dangerous man, inasmuch as a functioning government will be hollowed out by him.

He does not care about the country, at all. His big talking point is the border, and he just prevented a useful bipartisan bill from going through so he can continue to have a stick to beat Biden with.

Biden has the office and usually that comes with an advantage. Hopefully he presses that advantage to beat Trump and then I’d like to see someone else emerge to replace Biden.

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Trump confused Kansas for Missouri, he is clearly not mentally fit enough to be president

Mike Johnson is too mentally unfit to be in congress

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Remember eight, long years ago when he had NFI what ‘nuclear triad’ meant?

Those were the days…

A Republican friend of mine who has worked around the Hill for nearly 30 years now (Senate, Administration, lobbying, at various intervals - the DC career path) is genuinely unsure if Trump can read at a normal adult level. He definitely doesn’t read as a matter of course.

He has all the hallmarks of a dyslexic who has hidden it from everyone for decades. The way he misreads something, realizes that sound cannot be what the word he read is supposed to be and then reflexively changes course to talk about something else is very common closeted dyslexic behavior.

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But that gives him too much credit because his challenges go far beyond what a dyslexic deals with. Incidentally Gavin Newsome has severe dyslexia and as is fairly common for a man of his age, only figured out strategies for working through that as an adult.

A university friend of mine played for the Ottawa Roughriders in the years when the great Dexter Manley played there - he had lost a step or two, and more importantly had a real drug problem and kept failing tests. The CFL back then was a real Wild West. Manley had evolved all kinds of behaviours to present himself as intelligent and educated - my friend recalls he would have a newspaper (NYT, I think) with him when he arrived at training every day, clearly partly read, and he would often engage teammates in a discussion of world events.

In yet another relevant contrast to the “but Biden said Sisi was the leader of Mexico” argument…

Take your pick, is this is the result of being mentally confused, simply not knowing the details of anything he talks about, or just an inveterate liar even over things that so are absurdly easy to falsify?

Because Lachlan said so

Perfect distillation of why the Biden age stuff is so annoying to people on the left - not because it isnt relevant, but because its coverage is so out of perspective with other relevant issues

Report headline - Biden’s age is a problem for swing voters

Actual details of the report

  • they are not so much swing voters as identified republicans and republicans who dont want to identify as republicans
  • Their concern over trump’s anti-democratic positions are even greater than their concerns about Biden’s age
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How much of the age concern is related to the possibility that Harris could take over during a potential next term?

I would personally take a Biden slightly worse off than he is now, over Harris.

Is she that bad?

Probably a good amount. But again, he is not running against sprightly challenger like a JFK or even a W. He’s running an addled imbecile who is one hamburger away from death. So again, it not the question per se, but the lack of balance in the perspective of it having such importance.

I get the strong impression of incompetence. She also comes across as leaning to the extreme liberal, rather than closer to a moderate, it might be an act thou just to get support. I don’t think she is VP on any type of merit.

The idea Kamala Harris is an extreme liberal is just absurd.


Yeah, I’ve yet to hear a cogent argument explaining why she is such a terrible politician.
The left call her right wing, the right call her left wing, but no one can really say why they don’t like her.
Considering the state of the alternatives, it’s a mystery.

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She is difficult to pin down in ideology. As a Senator her record was ranked among the most liberal. Govtrack ranked only Bernie, Merkley and Gillibrant as further left than her. But that is a thin record given how little time she spent there and is balanced against the reality she was previously a prosecutor. That record is again complex, but even those who want to defend her record there from the left would not argue that she was a Chasa Boudin sort who was really using that position to push a left ideology.

You cannot have an honest conversation about that without acknowledging the obvious.

BUT it is also relevant that her campaign for 2020 did her no favours. It was historically badly mismanaged (leading in fund raising and somehow dropping out while skint before a single state had
gone to the polls) and created a lot of rancor. In her defense, little of that was tied to her as a person, and more her closest advisors, but in politics the people who represent you are a reflection of you and so it stuck to her as well. The result is her nomination as VP was seen by party insiders as a savvy self-defense move to ensure there was not a popular VP generated a groundswell of support to force Joe out after 1 term.

As a senator she was incredible effective and powerful. As an executive (of her campaign) she oversaw a shit show. As a VP she has been…who knows, because they dont really do anything that can be judged. The things it takes to be a good president are far closer to what it takes to run a good campaign and that seems to be the party insider perspective on her.

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leaning to the extreme liberal, rather than closer to a moderate

So, between moderate and extreme (half way), but leaning extreme. Not the same as extreme.

There isn’t a politician in the USA who is anything close to “extreme”, or even half way there, on the left wing of politics. The Overton Window has been shifted so far to the right that believing in basic human rights for all minority groups is somehow considered extreme left.

These labels are essentially meaningless now.


Maybe most of them are just extremely greedy, regardless left right or centre