Virgil VAN DIJK: 2023/24

First Name: Virgil
Surname: Van Dijk
Squad Number: 4
Position: Defender
Height: 1.93m
Weight: 92kg
D.O.B.: 08.07.1991.
Town of Birth: Breda
Country of Birth: Netherlands
Nationality: Dutch

The Colossus. 222 games, 19899 mins*, 19 goals, 12 assists

  • Missed almost an entire season.

Virgil is my biggest worry.

Need him back close to his best form and with the body language pre injury.

We won’t be able to compete with last seasons Virgil and no new signing in the world would change that.


Wonder who vice


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Thought he was very good today.


I agree though we saw shades of what he can do.

Yes :+1: our problem was Gakpo in midfield the bloke is not a midfielder and should either play as a false 9 or sit on the bench.

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I understand the frustration but neither our captain, nor our vice-captain covered themselves in glory during that match.

That said, the standard of refereeing is probably the worst it’s been since I started following Liverpool. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them making an example of Van Dijk and throwing the book at him.

I thought the first few minutes looked as if they were saying are you sure…go and check the screen…I thought he said it was a fucking joke as he walked down the sideline/tunnel…so how did the ref hear him…its his report…or was it the 4th official who has decided he’s god, and can keep Virgil off the pitch…mmmmmm makes me wonder.

Well Konate should be back for his second game and the third one is a league cup game.


It shouldn’t be that big a problem. VVD is anyway suspended for the next match.

Konate should be back after the international break. And Klopp will give the kids a run about in the league Cup match

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1 game extra, misses Wolves…can’t say he didn’t have it coming.

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As crazy as it sounds, I’m not too bothered.

ÂŁ100,000 fine! Did he smuggle a wagon load of illegals across the channel or something?


Worth remembering this for when the Man City investigation ends and they’re found guilty of all charges before being hit with a £3,230 fine.


That amount of fine is obscene… Who are these judge, jury and executioner Muppet’s that have the arrogance to dish out such a large sum of money… For what is… someone offering an opinion on the calibre of the referee to his face - World has gone mad…!

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Where does that 100k go eh?

Back onto grass roots football?

Kids charity?

Homeless charities?

Assisting foodbanks?

Of course not…straight into the FA pocket i bet?

Ridiculous amount