Virgil VAN DIJK: 2023/24

to the referee as compensation for VVD hurting his feelings.

Down the casino, maybe couple grand down the strip club.

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I thought I would find something but no there isn’t.

Klopp even asked that question after the Spurs fine last season.

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The FA maintain they operate as a not-for-profit organisation and all money generated through disciplinary sanctions is reinvested back into English football at all levels.20 Apr 2023

As I said nothing :wink:

What’s 100k!!! Barely funds a few trips to the Caribbean :person_shrugging:

FA reinvesting that 100k fine

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It’s equivalent of about £200 for someone on a normal wage

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Only if you are earning £400 a week

I’m sure he won’t starve.

Was thinking he’s on about 300k pw. So a third. Average weekly wage for his age is around £600.

So £200 :+1:

I can’t cope with these numbers.

That’s just what one spends on stationery, surely.

How on earth is anyone supposed to get by on that sort of sum?

VVD reporting for NT duty :laughing:

Still our best defender by a county mile.

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Onana at 8?

Well, Onana is a combative midfielder, duels are one of his biggest strengths. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Doku at 9, but he’s also proving to be a tough cookie, along with being a highly skilled player.


In the last couple of games, he’s got back to being virtually unbeatable.

Hopefully, Konate follows suit as he’s been somewhat underwhelming so far.

Evertons Onana