Virgil VAN DIJK: 2023/24


I think as a leader and player, he is good for another 2 or 3 seasons. So I would not be surprised if he gets an extension for 2 more seasons till he is 34/35.

The problem for me is that no one else in the defence is good enough to take over in the leadership department (not the captain part but in terms of organising). The next best CB we have is arguably Matip who I think will definitely leave and Konate despite his potential still is showing inconsistencies and definitely is not the leader kind. We need a successor for VVD’s leadership in defence and that will actually aid VVD as he loses ABIT of pace to not have to play every single game.

Will be interesting to watch Quansah’s development also going forward on the leadership aspect. He has all the attributes footballing wise. Either way, we need a new CB this summer, and we need Virgil to extend.

Extension will be easy peasy - Slots Dutch, Slot’s assistant is involved with the Netherlands international team, of which Virgil is captain - no brainer.

No idea who Max Whatnot is, but I hope he realises he’s with royalty.

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Scored again.