What's happening?

The dalmatian comment was another poor attempt at humour.

Well you’ve had 2 recent posts removed for your lack of the simple ability to conduct yourself in an orderly manner.

And no, I haven’t reported you. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who has less than zero respect for your posts.

I’ve never attempted humour in my life.

If you have zero respect for my posts then why did you engage in my answer to @Dane ? I offered a respectful response to the question, and you saw fit to add your baiting commentary.

There are many posters on here that use expletives, but you decide to only notice when I use such language? You can continue with your weak attempts at humour, and I will discuss matters as I see fit. As far as I am aware you are not a Mod.

I think its also interesting that you reckon I have had two posts removed recently? Kind of obsessed aren’t you?

You are unhappy if you are not baiting, or behaving like a child that isn’t getting enough notice.


You just don’t learn do you. Not that I needed more proof.

Out of respect for other forum members I am not continuing this.
You stuck your oar into a discussion in an attempt to elicit a response.

Your interjection lacked understanding or empathy, and I should have left it at that.

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Now a turtle :turtle: has decided to stay at our house.


Looks like a battered tin hat!

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Just thought an update on the Geckos is necessary.
Didn’t see them for a while (all summer and the warm spring) no big ones have shown their heads except in the garden.
My daughter had some in her bedroom but by the time I arrived they had dissappeared. (She said they were enormous but when pushed indicated thumb nail size).
Now the last couple of weeks masses of thumb nail sized Geckos have been spotted in my lounge, kitchen and daughters room. They can be told apart by colour (from sickly yellow to greenish, length of tail (male/female?) and if they have a tail or not. Too big to be this years hatchings so last years lot invading.
My daughter wanted me to run round catching and throwing them out. I asked, 'what do you prefer, Geckos or spiders?
Geckos won and stayed and have eaten all the spiders! (Used to have massive spiders before the Geckos took over.
Daughters gone to Chile now so I’m free to pick and choose the wild animals I like. She’ll be pleased I pet Loulou the stray grey cat when I see her but forbid her to enter the house (smelly hairy things that piss everywhere (I’m sure the Geckos pissshit everywhere I just don’t see or smell it. At least they don’t leave hair and vomit everywhere).


:joy: :joy: :joy:

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Where am I?

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If you don’t know , how the fuck are we supposed to ?


The new coastal path at Liverpool waterfront is a real test. :flushed:


Really, nobody knows? Just in front of the station in a northern city.

As you were in Sheffield recently… Would not take Einstein to guess it is a sculpture in that City… :0)

What’s that about?

I’m impressed with the Google Image Search function these days.

well, I’m done processing peppers for this year. ended up with about 36 jars of which I’ll probably sell/gift 30.


What? You were paying attention?


Age of Extiction?

I just had a text off my wife asking if I could take the cat to the vets for his annual vaccination.

Yep fine. I sent her a text back asking where he gets his jags done.

The answer was “the back of his neck”. Well, yes, I would have thought it would be that or his arse. Unfortunately, I was asking where the veterinary practice is. I have no idea where he usually goes.