What's happening?

Time can only have it’s say when you make meaningful steps and policies that over time will mature and results seen in society. Letting nature takes its course might not always have positive results or beneficial ones. Integration does not mean forgetting our roots, in fact we celebrate it more knowing we have neighbours who embraced them like we do. Over here, even as English was the method of delivery in Classes, we are all required to learn our mother tongue, it was compulsory. Certain religion are given time off during business hours to go pray, this was required of businesses. So forced integration while it can sound arbitrary or "oh great government interference’, but in my case, it has done alot of good of course like you all said when executed well.

That’s been pretty much the case with India. The problem is that the politicians exploit all sets of people for their gain.

As human beings who all grew in varying degrees in less than ideal family scenarios, we are all somewhat “broken”

Discovering through self-education, coaching, and therapy. I grew up in a very dysfunctional household. My parents are still married. However I’d challenge you to find out another 40+ year old marriage that has involved more screaming and shouting from day one.

I have something that’s now called childhood ptsd. I have mild to severe (depending on circumstances) emotional disregulation. I literally feel the pain of grief in my lungs, my sternum, and my right clavicle. It’s got a neurological component.

I have the anxious attachment style and tend to unknowingly gravitate towards equally (but differently) damaged partners. My three significant relationships have all been to ladies who had their own trauma growing up and it manifested differently from mine.

The good news is, now that I know, I can work towards training my mind to become more whole and resilient.

But it’s not going to be easy to deprogram half a lifetime worth of conditioning.


Said it for years, if heaven forbid me and the missus were ever to separate, the absolute last thing I’d do would be to get tied into another relationship.

I’ve been in Queens the last six weeks or so, around Astoria/Sunnyside/Woodside, and it’s all Irish in the bars (Colombian and Ecuadorian in the streets). I much prefer this area and these bars compared to Brooklyn and Manhattan, but nobody is hiring, or at least they are not hiring me.

Bold statement, I know, but I’m beginning to think the Irish are a fractious and quarrelsome people.

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I hope it doesn’t negatively impact their development as a country or two. :smiley:

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I think I dated her

The Piccadilly line tube has become what the Northern line used to be 20-25 years ago, nothing but daily signal failures, lack of drivers, trains being cancelled, wrong information being given out etc
Bloody rubbish!!


Blame the Conservative government for refusing to give TfL the money required for investing in and maintaining their fleet.

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There’s that but also Boris was in charge for a good while. Enough said about that.


It is my mum’s anniversary today, I can’t believe it has been two years since she went up there. Getting through today is going to be hard, I will visit mum’s garden today.

At least the sun is shining today.


Yes the sunshine helps…find a quiet sunny place, a cuppa, and have a few minutes just to remember…


I’m gonna take a flask of tea and chair. Mum is near a cherry blossom tree. Really beautiful spot. Alot of flowers everywhere.