What's happening?

Another reminder, those living in the UK, don’t forget to put your clocks forward tonight.

I did mine at 6pm :smiley_cat: …except the oven clock :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Oh pish. I forgot about that one. And the microwave. Why does a microwave even have a clock. It’s designed to cook stuff in seconds anyway.

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Bought a tumble dryer once which unbeknown to me was Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible.
What the actual fuck, as the kids would say?

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just flipping through the TV channels in the background, and the world curling championships are playing between CAN and USA in Schaffhausen, CH. reached out to my cousin in Frauenfeld who is now enroute to go watch in person. :laughing:

He doesn’t get to talk to Canadians too often.

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Lucky bugger.

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Some people will whine for an hour about the “trans agenda” and a time “when men were men” then walk straight up to the jukebox and play a shitload of Bowie.



What’s wrong with playing Bowie?

Nothing. It’s the incongruence of trans hate while enjoying the music of someone who pioneered(?)/pushed forward gender fluidity


There is a group of “patriots” in Ireland pushing the anti trans agenda.
One of them repeatedly asks people “What is a woman?” Then explains that this is “science” and that women should be cherished and respected.
Allegedly, he beat up his own partner. He admits to selling drugs as well.

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Rogerian person centred therapy emphasises congruence (amongst other things). Sounds like yet man/this eejit could do with some sessions.

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I’m sure you’re all impatient to know the latest episode/s of Chareau Smicard or if you prefer French Fawlty Towers.
As some of you might know I was already on a work to rule, no overtime, tasks that haven’t anything to do with me etc due to ‘them’ being such stingy shits. Well things have had to be upped to a totally different level.
I started getting lots of clients from the really shitty hotel next door directly knocking on the door at unearthly hours of the night. My senses alerted I asked them why they were knocking on my hotel door?
The really shitty hotel next door is owned by the same enterprise btw.
Well it turns out some cunt had put a notice up inviting clients of really shitty hotel to come round and give me shit. The nasty cunts who did this were the director (of the 2 hotels) and the responsable of the really shitty hotel (who’s job and pay grade is to survey the really shitty hotel at night).
This put me and my clients at risk, in fact they even sent a real nasty piece of work round twice, once to complain about the ants he had been breeding in his really shitty hotel room at 3 in the morning (he got very angry so I double bolted all the doors). Then 2 mornings later he walsed in at 6:40 whilst my nice peaceful clients were having their breakfast to insult and menace me ordering me to step out for a fight, lots of playground insults which would normally have me in stitches but when I work I am restrained and professional and tried very hard not to wind him up. When he made a swipe at the computers and screens saying ‘come on or I’ll smash this all this’ I did encourage him ‘Oh! please do!’. In think he had run out of enfantile insults and menaces and went back to where he had crawled out from.
I was assured that action would be taken so you can imagine my surprise when the same worker was back in the really shitty hotel the next week.

Being a smicard I found that doing the work that someone else is paid for, not even been consulted or forewarned and it being extremely detrimental to the comfort and security of me and my clients ACTION HAD TO BE TAKEN.
I spoke to the director and he behaved like a guignol, well that was just too much. He had declared war!

As soon as I arrive at work I barracade my clients and myself inside. These barracades are up from 11pm until 7am.

I do everything I can to undermine the director and the responsible of the really shitty hotel. They are soo crap at their jobs it’s too easy and as I am extremely angry I ‘rajoute’. Waiting for them to crawl out from under the carpet so I can ask director really awkward questions and tell the responsable of the really shitty hotel to actually be responsible for something and do their job.

Anyway whilst this is going on there’s quite a few dissatified clients who booked a room in the really shitty hotel yet can not have it. This really shitty hotel has an automatic machine that dispenses rooms but the cunts turn it off.

As a few of you know I did work for a while in the really shitty hotel. One of the most traumatic experiences of my life (and I’ve had a few)!


Why is he (the Director of the Shitty hotel) doing that? Hope things get better, soon.

Tl/Dr, but it sounds terrible.

We call it ‘couler douce’ (have an easy life) very common in the south of France.
The ‘big boss’ arrived recently and thinks running a small hotel is easy. He’s going to get a rude awakening this summer!

It is terrible, the worst thing is I’m so angry I can not stop thinking about it.
I’ve had a few words with my immediate superior (was a good friend when she was a receptioniste) and she did try to stop them. She’s assistant director now so it’s not easy for her or me to be totally honest with each other now however I do know what she ‘used’ to think as she often stayed till 2am chatting with me.
However I do think if the owner hears from me what’s going on he’d go ballistic. This could cost him a lot in more ways than one.
Anyway @Bekloppt I have a couple of very embarrassing questions for the director. When you play with me you need eyes in the back of your head (and I’m very patient when it comes to revenge, just love a cool calm pounce).

Did the guest get the ant army for free, or did they have to pay extra…? Just asking is all :0)

Don’t let them wear you down @Flobs… Fuck em is what I say

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Sounds like you need to do something different with your life Flobs. What age are you and so you have any interests/abilities you’d like to pursue?

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He had to pay for all the food and drink he littered the room with but not the hotel and the heating was free. Over 3 days he never asked for his room to be cleaned. Just another imbecile/fuckwit!

Thanks, I’m quite up for a long haul (I know it will surprise you but I can be quite stubborn at times and I’m a ‘solitaire’ (lone wolf?) so obstinate, capable to take it on the chin).
It really is the anger that’s difficult at the moment, it’s rare that it overwhelms me like this (I’m more your sudden flash of anger type quickly disapated.

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I’m 58 and chose this job because I suffered for a very long time with a nasty bacterial disease. I have no interest in retraining it’s too late in life and I haven’t the patience. I’m looking for openings in other hotels and would love for one to crop up just before July because leaving then would really put them in the shit. Otherwise I just hang on until they sack me and take them to tribunal. I have to force them to sack me otherwise I can not touch unemployment benefit.
I do think the boss will get sacked before I get fired as firing me would, imo, cost the owner a lot and he’s a tight fisted bastard. He’s better off keeping me happy than keeping a complete fuckwit (btw the boss was fired from his last post and got the job because all the other candidates rejected the offer. They had signed one before who lasted one day because the hotel was in chaos. :rofl:).