What's happening?

That is great news to hear mate.


Oh yes. Just a blank stare into nothing for little moments, it will take a while before she gains any kind of ‘consciousness’ and I have no idea what awaits her/us then - but it seems almost surreal given the conversations I had about a week ago with the doctors. Genuine moment of pure joy.


That’s great news CL. Fingers and everything else crossed for continued improvement. Take care. :heart::nerd_face:


Great news @Cologne-Liverpool . More power to you

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Should drive home tomorrow morning, so much to do and working Monday. So why am I going back to Speakers’ Corner ??? Can’t help myself.

cos your argumentative…

but i still love you!


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Yep, you’ve got me bang to rights here. Hoping for something other than religion and vaccines. I am tempted to take a soap box…….

Absolutely rooting for you all mate. Healing can be a very long process but we’re always here for you. We can’t do much but we can be an extended family :slight_smile:



what could go wrong?

Okay. Started medium range trips on the bike again. Nothing going at speeds over 110kmph even though the bike can handle it easily. Maybe it’s me toning down with age.

Had a 200km trip today. Just noted that the seat is too hard.

Went out out yesterday, back to Speaker’s Corner. Got there at 11, left at 10. Might have nipped to the pub a few times. Fell asleep on the train. Ooopppsss. Dog house isn’t in it.


Small steps with the Mrs, though some in a positive direction. She’s been experiencing quite heavy withdrawal symptoms from the last opiate they stopped giving her, but yesterday she seemed fairly calm, hopefully she’s over that now.
The doctors were quite sure that she would have paralysis on her right side (both in the arm and leg), but she’s been moving her right arm a little, so that’s surprisingly great. Based on the brain scans, they think she has aphasia, probably meaning she not only can’t really speak but might also have really trouble understanding language. Since she has a tube in her throat which makes it impossible for her to speak, it’s a bit of a guessing game at the moment, mainly trying to interpret small eye movements. But I have a feeling she does understand some stuff when I talk to her, not sure if it’s just the tone in the voice or actual content. In any case, I do have a feeling I’m able to calm her down when I’m there, the nurse said she has really noticed that as well, so that’s a little bit reassuring for me. Not much else I can do for her at the moment.


Mrs immediateley smiled at me today, when I came in her room and said hello to her. There are other little things that now make me totally convinced she understands what I’m saying, maybe not all the time, but overall. She’s also slowly gaining more and more movement in her arms and her left leg, small steps.
If everything goes well she might be able to be transferred to a pre-rehab facility that specialises in neuro-rehabilitation soon, possibly even next week.


Some excellent news mate. That is fantastic to hear.


People sometimes ask me for recommendations for wifi systems, computers, internet etc. Slam your head in a car door and drink bleach before you EVER contemplate TalkTalk for broadband. 45 minutes into the call and suddenly it’s dawned on them that what I said initially (a person needs to come fix this AGAIN) was correct. The lady on the phone just didn’t believe I could disconnect and reconnect and pull faceplates off almost before she’d finished asking me to. Granted she doesn’t deal with “me” everyday. What REALLY got my gander up was asking me the same question 13 different ways. “You are sure it’s plugged in?” Now 50 mins into the call and thankfully, somebody is coming tomorrow. Still on hold whilst the 40th test or conversation or whatever is concluded. It’s been hot for weeks and suddenly the heavens open and our broadband goes down, could there possibly be a connection? How much is starlink???


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Sorry mate, only just saw this, excellent news!!!


Cheers. Really hope she gets to go that pre-rehab soon. It’s essentially kind of an intensive care unit as well, which she still requires of course, but they just have other resources/time to do the cognitive rehabiliation that the current one doesn’t have, as it’s obviously designed for the post-operational stuff and the immediate life-saving care.
(Damn, this medical talk is really difficult for me in English, just don’t have the right terminology at hand).
The steps forward she’s been making might seem minute to an outsider, but I find the change in a few days absolutely amazing.


Ha, it’s like they’re live reading my posts here, just got a call she’ll get transferred TOMORROW already. Fucking brilliant.


Sorry if this is clumsy but from the heart:

Möge jeder Schritt in die Zukunft Sie ein Stück weiter zu einem goldenen Himmel bringen

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Aww, so happy for you CL and Mrs CL to hear this positive news. Slowly, but surely, Mrs CL is getting better.
Nice to hear some good news for our fellow Reds.:blush::+1: