Which CB do you want?

Who should we sign?
  • Duje Caleta-Car
  • Ozan Kabak
  • Sven Botman
  • Shkodran Mustafi

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Just a bit of deadline day fun - given the most likely options being touted, who would YOU sign, and feel free to say why.

Not including Davies as he’s already coming and won’t affect the signing of a second CB.

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Duje, where’s my Kabak?


Gone for DCC, not really seen any of the options play, but from what I’ve read about each I like the cut of his gib.

Not seen a great deal of any of them, just bits and pieces, but Caleta-Car has always stood out when I’ve watched him play.

Looks the closest to “world class” to me.


Is there an ‘anyone except Mustafi’ option?


I’m expecting an anti-landslide for Mustafi votes here :rofl:

Botman and Caleta-Car are the two I like the sound of.

Kabak, I think, comes with a few concerns. Wasn’t there a ban for spitting on an opponent? Bad enough, but in a pandemic?


I just clicked on the first one although I have never seen him play, :stuck_out_tongue:

Kabak and Botman once or twice and they did stick out to me.

I sure as hell don’t want the one who I have seen often, Mustafi.


From all the rumours today we will end up with 12 cb… at least :upside_down_face:


Stephane Henchoz.

With his exhausted pornstar face after 2 minutes in the game.


Went for Botman but him or Caleta-Car both seem right stylistic fits for us and I think would be considered great CBs in short order!

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My largely uninformed intuition would place the Croatian in first place, then the young Dutch from Lille, then Kabak. Don’t know why Mustafi is on the list.


Sorry, sorry, I edited Mustafi’s name and it wiped all the votes so far.

Another reason not to go for Mustafi, what a git :joy:

Can we get rid of that ‘feature’?

Sorry guys, vote again, I won’t mess with it this time!

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Kabak - palindrone.

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Is that when Michael goes on and on? :thinking:

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He’s on this list because he’s being linked.

As for why he’s on Edwards’ list, goodness only knows!

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Hahaha it’s a masterclass I tell you…

Shalke you let us sign Kabak and I’ll get you first in queue for our 2nd option Mustafi… What he’s shit? No mate trust me he’s great, the underlying stats don’t lie…


From the poll: Caleta-Car or Botman.

Not mentioned in the poll: Diop

Long shot: Bade

Zero interest in Kabak for me. None.

Tzar for me, let’s break the curse of Balkans (and I also saw him play on two or three occasions)!


Absolutely no idea.

Part of me doesn’t want to drop Henderson from the job he’s done so far. Fabinho too actually but Henderson offers a teeny bit more I think.