Who do you wish to sell

Even if we signed three midfielders? I’d be fine with Milner staying on as a player. He’s started fuck all games this season and he’s a top bloke to have in the squad. Do I want him starting in midfield against Real Madrid? Fuck no, but that’s hardly his fault.


His player salary should be spend on a younger better player IMO.


If Milner was the only issue then we’d be fine.

I think he played more this than last season.

£40m from the sales of Nat, Rhys and Kelleher?

Is that realistic?

I don’t think we’re getting that total for them.

20 + 10 + 5 if we are lucky.

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I don’t think I’m the region of 30m would be a major issue.

Leicester might be interested.

We got over 40m for Brewster and Solanke, of course it’s realistic.

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£180m transfer kitty + Rhys £10m + Nat £14m + Kelleher £16m = £220m

Bellingham £115m
Mount £50m
Goalkeeper £5m (or maybe even a free transfer)

£50m left for another CM (and a new CB)


We got Konate for 40m…

Then we might even cash in on players like VdB. Personally if we signed those two I think we would be ok going forward. We need the legs in CM if two have legs then the other can be what we currently have.


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We’re not getting 14m for Phillips or 10m for Williams. More like 8m and 5m.
Kelleher has to be worth 25m+.

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£25m for Kelleher would be exceptional. Not so sure though.

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I’d consider serious offers for everybody apart from Alisson, Kelleher, Robbo, Konate, Tsimikas, Jota, Nunez, Gakpo and Diaz.
Everyone else has a price.


Agree but if we are going extreme I’d add top dollar for either Allison or Kelleher and Robbo or Kostas. The reality is that we can’t change everything in one season - we reallly should have started on the midfield last summer and this will likely cost us again next season where (after pissing away this season) we are likely to “be in transition” and not sustain a serious challenge for the big trophies.

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He’s worth it.

I suspect Kelleher will want to leave for first team football. As much as I’d like to keep hold of him he doesn’t deserve to play second fiddle. If we get a good offer for him (along with sell.on and buy-back clauses) I think he could leave with our best wishes. Tsimikas is nice to have. I don’t think he particularly wants to leave but if we received an offer we couldn’t refuse we would have to consider it.


So home grown get to fuck out of our club. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If they want to leave and the right offer came along… Personally I’d want to keep Trent (and most of the others) but we need some serious quality and if we don’t have the budget then not too many players would be off limits (sadly) if that’s what it takes.

We have refreshed the attack. Just need to get them fit (Diaz and Jota missed a fair bit) and playing together more to find the right blend and hit the heights. If, big if, Mo leaves, we need a replacement there, but the attack is fine.

The defence needs a central defender. Konate came in, presumably to become a new kingpin, but he has been injured a bit more than we’d like to see. Hopefully he puts that behind him and becomes the rock we need. VVD hasn’t been quite the same since TRex injured him, and now age is a factor. But he is still really good, and has loads more left to give. Gomez should stay as one of the group of four central defenders. Yes, prone to lapses in judgment, possibly due to not playing enough to find his best form and rhythm. But he can play, and he is also our best back up right back to Trent.

The next defensive move for me is to replace Matip with someone who can step in and do well right away, and who can make a growing case for being included in our starting eleven.

Leave the forwards alone, add one central defender to replace Matip, and both those segments of the team are fine.

Midfield, midfield, midfield. 2, arguably 3, additions needed.

If Kelleher wants to forge a career good luck to him too, hopefully we insert a buyback as he could become world class. The Dutch lad might be coming to replace him, and if Adrian goes we probably need someone at that end of the spectrum, on a free or very low cost, to be a steady hand if the Dutch lad needs an adjustment period to get up to speed as first choice back up.

Edit: Bart Verbruggen, couldn’t remember his name!