Wolves vs Liverpool: FA Cup Third Round Replay: Tuesday January 17, 19:45 GMT

I’m sure I’ve said this before but after Klopp doubled down on the “experienced” seniors and they failed to show up once again I’d be dropping as many of them is possible to tell them enough is enough. The Brentford and Brighton games were an embarrassment. Time to give the young lads a go who have shown more fight and energy than the rest. This isn’t “cup” rotation, I’d be sitting them down and telling them they are dropped and this means the Chelsea game as well.

If Klopp goes again with Fab, Thiago and Hendo in midfield I will really question is he the right man for the job… It would be the final decent into Insanity is our new Identity.

Even Ali isn’t helping, he gets dropped.


Ramsay - Matip - Konate - Tskitmas

Keita - Bajcetic - Jones

Doak - Nunez - Gakpo

Matip only because the alternative is Gomez… I hope Ramsay, Jones, Keita, Bajcetic and Nunez are fit.

We are Liverpool fucking FC, I am sick to death of watching a team of overpaid “stars” stroll around the pitch with ZERO desire or fight. It ends now.

excellent, another game to look to forward too…

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Oké you were first, I delete mine :ghost:

Cmon its a cup match against the 16th place team in the league, surely we are not that terrible and bad will lose 1-0 the most.

Gomez Matip Phillips Tsimikas
Trent Keita Milner Jones
Salah Gakpo

Won’t be anything like that, but I’d like to see it. Don’t want Nunez starting if he’s not fully there, this attack can’t create chances without him, losing him would be a hammer blow for the season.

Would be nice if Jones could hold on to the ball for too long instead of doing what everyone else does and give it back straight away.

Trent needs more freedom, we’re getting nothing out of him by leaving him so exposed. Our best moments of quality against Brighton and Brentford were when he managed to get into more forward positions.

Anyway, you can get Wolves at 3-1 to win to ease the pain.

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Let’s see if we can beat Wolves over two matches or that the crises runs deeper as we thought.

We can not run Matip out 3 times a week, Saturday we play Chelsea at Anfield, so I play Gomez and Doak for some balls and speed up front. I also play with two holding midfielders.


TAA - Gomez - Konaté - Robertson

Henderson - Fabinho

Keïta - Tiago - Doak


I’m assuming Klopp will take the opportunity to piece together a functioning team with the players available. I’m not even sure what formation he was trying against Brighton. I saw mention of 4-2-3-1 but even the players weren’t aware of what they were supposed to be doing.

Is it worth giving Doak a longer run out? I’d also like to see Jones getting more minutes on the clock.

The 4231 was slightly better than the 433 for not leaving us extremely exposed (first half) but even then he made some odd decisions. Playing Thiago as a 10 with those two carthorses behind him was absolute nonsense.

Another baffling tactic in a season full of them.


Right now, in this situation, I don’t care 1% if it’s Real Madrid in a CL final or Havant & Waterlooville in the first round of a domestic cup.

It’s a game we have to play, perform and win and we have to show a much, much better face than the last one.

That of course doesn’t mean that we need to go either full strength on paper or full backup.

But we need to start turning this shit, at least in some aspects.

Shift to a 4-4-2 structure if needed.


I wouldn’t mind Big Nat starting. It would mean we drop our back line a few yards back, and we will be more circumspect rsther than dilly dallying with the ball at the back. Play Andy and Trent both as more traditional style attacking full backs, getting up and down to the byline rather than coming inside. A bit of pragmatism if you will. Get back to both sides providing the width just like the first breakthrough season from Trent.

No point having the Ox in the front three/wide left midfield as he is not offering much both ways. If he must be in there, then put him as an extra body in midfield to make him have an actual clear role, other than trying to run on to a direct ball (and watching it go out of play), or trying to get back from a high position meaning that he isn’t involved in providing a body to defend.

Use Salah as running off the shoulder of the last man. Teams are increasing their possession against us, so we can at times look for the counter.

We don’t need a high press. It just exhausts an already knackered midfielder (usually Henderson, but Thiago was strangely given the duty in the Brighton game to press the deepest defender).

Again, against Brighton we stood off when Sanchez had the ball, then the trigger was the first pass to the defender with Thiago(!) trying to join Salah and Gakpo in cutting off the passing lanes. But Brighton just kept doing two simple triangle passes to bypass it, and then launch a direct ball (usually wide left) to create a 3v3 or unforgivably a 3v2 situation.

Play the midfield with a two and one to provide some stability (hopefully) to not expose the defence with an easy direct pass into space. With Konate/Matip.Nat we can be a threat for our own set peices.

And one final thing. Our players really need to learn to read the ref style quickly and adapt the agression based on it. If he’s giving fouls for just breathing on a player, then don’t lunge in and give a soft foul/dive away. If he’s allowing the game to flow, then by all means, do a Milner style tackle early on to let them know we’re there.


We’re going out.

If, and I say if, we don’t plan to buy a midfielder in January, and since, I say since, our midfield is quite obviously very problematic at the moment, after multiple evidence - with Henderson and Fabinho in zombie mode, and Thiago a lonesome cowboy that’s expected to do everything, and a shining light that we saw in young Bacjetic unavailable at the moment…
Is this not the best moment to try Trent in midfield (even if, quote, “he’s the best RB in the world”), and put Gomez in RB (different story than Gomez in CB).
Kind of answers Klopp’s question “Why would I want to put the best RB in the world in midfield?”…because currently and without the midfield working, it makes no difference if he’s the best RB in the world.

In a cup game vs Wolves, what’s there to lose. Worst case scenario, it’s not any worse than what we currently do, best case, it shows potential to save the season…thinking a potential of a midfield of Thiago, Trent and Keita, and an attack of Gakpo left, Salah central and Doak right…


I like it but would start Elliot instead of Doak as that is his strongest position.



Rest the fullbacks, Matip and the midfield three. Hopefully some of the players that haven’t played regularly will show some class.

Still think we’ll win against this lot.

Bajectic (if not fit Jones)
Jones (if not fit Milner)
Nunez (if not fit Salah)

Gone with Milner simply because he can perform one game a fortnight.

I’d be tempted with Trent in the middle but we will see what formation Klopp goes with. If it’s 4-4-2, Elliott can drop back into CM.

I’d like to see shift to a 442, tighten things up and focus on getting a clean sheet. With the likes of Salah upfront you will always have a chance of nicking a goal. Grind out a few results and get the confidence back.


Trent - Konate - Gomez - Tsimkas

Chamberlain - Henderson - Thiago - Keita

Salah - Gakpo

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Anyone except Fabinho and Henderson. :grinning:


Hendo, Fabinho, Keita, Thiago, Milner, Jones, Ox, Elliott…we’re fucking spoilt for choice in midfield.

Whoa-a-whoah-a-whoah…we’ve got the best midfield in the werld…

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We need to win this if for no other reason than to get our shit together.Klopp was pissed off after Brighton,so was everyone else.
We need those who start to show some interest and I’m sure Klopp knows those answers better than me.
Matip needs resting, why not give Phillips a run, he is always good for 100%

Finally someone has thought of a 3 5 2 or 5 3 2 or whatever you want to call it, for me it cuts out our weakness against crosses, the space in behind the full back and of late the ball through the middle whilst giving Trent and Robbo space to get up the field :clap::clap::clap:

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