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Poor Girl… Hat-trick of own goals within the first 36mins

Hmm. So that’s how Robertson practice shooting. :thinking:

Who exactly is the petition aimed at, their own club?
Surely Chelsea womens team are owned by Chelsea football club, so it’s up to the club to try and make sure the pitch is playable?

Yup, they own that ground.

Bit of history as it actually doesn’t put Wimbledon in the best of lights but it was Kingstonian’s ground, they shared for a time with Wimbledon while they fought to get a ground at plough lane.

Wimbledon then bought the ground and sold it to Chelsea, Kingstonian had to move, Chelsea have owned it for at least three years now so not sure why they didn’t do anything about it before. Kingstonian meanwhile play out at Tolworth which is at least sort of in Kingston.

Evidently someone tried to force that game on for whatever reason as even the ref said it was unplayable at 9.30am

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Does Prenton Park have undersoil heating? The last time I was there the pitch was a wreck. I believe the relayed it at some point.

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A fair few lower down don’t, the League program below the Championship was a wreck (worst I’ve seen it in sometime) and yet Scotland was generally ok even on the east.

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Not sure how many, but quite a few Scottish teams have artificial grass pitches

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Certainly in the lower leagues. Before they got the plastic pitch I think I had been to more Stenhousemuir games that were cancelled than actually went ahead.

Seems to part explain it not fully.

Probably more undersoil up there as well.

So aparently, only 4 of the WSL teams have undersoil heating at their main home grounds, City, Utd, Leicester and Reading.

Dispite our womens team and the youth teams playing at Prenton Park for a fair number of years, we have never bothered to assist them in getting undersoil heating - personally I think that is pretty poor from the club and is something that should be addressed.

I was also surprised that Leicester Women actually play regularly at King Power and only move if their games class with the mens team - maybe something for other clubs to start considering?

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They have done something at Prenton Park. Article here about it:

In early 2020, just before the Covid lockdown, it was in a hideous state - there’s a picture in the link although it was worse when I saw it then. Whether the glow lights are as good as under-pitch heating is another question. I suspect not although it is maybe sufficient for 99% of weather conditions.

In terms of funding Tranmere for the upkeep of the pitch, I don’t know whether that is included with the amount we pay for use of the stadium but it is entirely in our interest to make sure that our women and youth players have the best facilities available.

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Speaking of which, does anyone know if Anfield was sold out for the derby?

I wanted to go up for that match, but accommodation was a nightmare.