Alexis MAC ALLISTER: 2023/24

The perfect package as a midfielder.

Shifts between #6 , #8 and at times a #10 with ease.

I think @Sweeting compared him to Gundogan last season. That’s an apt comparision. Also , Mac’s improved over last season with a better team around him. No disrespect to Brighton but they are still a team in transition and don’t have the overall strength that we do.

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Statistical Comparision of Gundogan’s last season at City vs Mac’s current season at Liverpool.

Mac’s overall performance has been better.


Perhaps the most influential midfielder we have at the moment, he has taken control of games in this 2nd half of the season. And this is also a whole lot down to Endo doing very well in the number 6 position and gaining the trust of Klopp to keep playing him there and freeing Mac to do the role where he has the freedom to express himself further up the field.


I compared him to Gundo in last years as he reminded me of him in some moments and movements. Naturally an #8, who can be an extra #6 when he gets involved in the build up, but then can also arrive in danger zones as a #10. Very modern midfielder. I’m glad when we get players like these where media and fans learn that there’s more to it than pure running, transitions and stuff. You need also controlling skills, technical, in small spaces, creating little advantages that might seem simple, but are difficult and needed.


As I said that midfield is purring



Title winning type of number 6.

Likes of Rodri have been hitting screamers pulling their sides back into games.

We never really had that. Most teams and us for a time just had that ball winner type of 6. Macca can do ballwinning and ballscoring


Very excited to have him at this stage of his career. I hope his trajectory continues under the new boss.

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Fab hit a few screamers tbf. But Alexis has far more in his locker. Incredible player


His goal reminded me of Jagielka’s against us.

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True but I think Macca can create more magic on the ball than Fab could!

Although Fab was exceptional, especially in two of those first campaigns he was here.


Maçã is also not playing like a tourist who just hopped the barricades.

That was Fabinho for the last 12 months.

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Fab did a great job for Liverpool but Mac probably is a generational level talent.

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Mac isn’t a pure 6.

Even without Endo being in the playing XI , Liverpool often at times play with 3 B2B midfielders even if Mac plays a slight withdrawn role.

I recall when Brighton dusted us 3-0 last season with Macca and the guy that chose Chelsea just bossing Hendo Ox and Fab.

So whoever made the choice at LFC to get him so quickly and for an absolute steal take a bow. I wonder if there were other clubs sniffing around. If so there would be regrets now.

We moaned about the midfield most of last year and action was well taken that’s for sure.

Loving this dude.


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Haven’t the scoobiest idea who these guys are so I can’t tell whether these are taking the piss or not.

Jemmy Potato :rofl:

They’re comedians who do a lot of stuff on politics and football, with the latter it’s usually a riff on some footballing phrase (“he has the club’s DNA” etc).

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