Caoimhin KELLEHER: 2023/24

If he is I think we are done.

Had a dream he was sadly.

I assume it’s because he isn’t pictured here…

Then again there is no Konate, Bradley or Diaz so.

Always fancied Adrian over him anyway.

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Maybe, he is rested since he has to play until Alisson returns in April.

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I know people want to win the Europa, but I would not let him play in any of the games until Ali is back. Wrap this fucker in cotton wool.


I don’t even think Adrian is our 3rd choice anymore. Believe Mrozek may be……

I don’t think our progress will be hampered even if he is rested for the EL game. If Klopp is confident of playing Adrian or a youngster then the player has earned that confidence.

Adrian has always been as capable of playing a blinder as he is of the most ridiculous howlers…


I don’t mind if we rest him, confirmation he is training and fit for the Man City game, Adrian was slow 2 years ago, god knows what he is like now.

Well rested :joy:

Exactly. It doesn’t mean anything. I mean, would anyone assume Ryan or Trent is ready for Thursday just because a picture of them was taken before the training session today?

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The twitter account that the injury rumours came from has been deleted.

Looks like someones on a windup.


Until I see Training photos I’ll not rest easily… go stick some on the website bloody comms.

Gonna be even worst when the news is confirmed, that it was broke by some now deleted twitter account. Wouldn’t put it past the club tbh.

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Yup I was thinking that.

Just noticed Graverberch isn’t on crutches in that photo load :joy:

As for Kelleher according to X, he has broke his wrist, done his knee in and had a hamstring injury.

Tough day at the office for the lad….

Safe to say I’ll wait for something a bit more official.

Just vigorous lofting of the Carabao Cup above his head over and over again…

…or vigorous wanking

It’s why Meta broke down yesterday shortly after this rumour.


On the training pitch today…

No sign of him in the training video only the young keepers but hopefully that’s him

If you zoom in close enough on his face, it looks as if he’s got some animal mask on.


A wolf? A fox maybe? One of the masks they put on in the Scream films?