Darwin NUNEZ: 2023/24

He had a good first touch but he lost his balance in the process and had to poke the ball. Unsurprisingly, it went straight to the keeper.

He’s got better in recent weeks but his goals vs xG is currently the third worst in the league. He “should” have 2.7 more goals than he does.

Calvert-Lewin still the worst. He “should” have 5.9 more goals.


Really silly question but is that 2.7 over the season so far?

Seems by his critics that it should be more?

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The refs have him marked. He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt. A couple of the recent yellows for him were both times he was fouled which was an obvious miss by the ref to not only not award the free kick but also show a yellow to the opponent.

Now yes, he has that anger streak in him, but refs are not judging the situation but using the lens of their preformed judgement about him.

He has used his strength legitimately to out muscle the defender and take him out the game, only to get nothing from it. The refs need to referee the actual game.


Hopefully someone has a word with him. The yellow yesterday was harsh but he is close to missing games for us now and with injuries we need as many of our players as possible.

When it comes to Darwin I don’t care about xG or missed chances.

If this is Liverpool 2.0 than Darwin is our Bobby 2.0

Different type of players I know but same importance to our football and basically undroppable.

8 goals, 7 assists in 1421 EPL minutes.

Basically if he plays a game he creates a goal… despite missed chances and all. He also contributes a lot in the run of play aside from just scoring



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Brentford match gives us a glimpse of what we may really have here. He and Jota together reversed the flow of the game, even without his subtle finish for the first goal, they managed to move where the game was being played 10-15 meters away from Kelleher’s goal. Early on, Brentford was developing good pressure, and their defenders were able to play damned close to the halfway line. That changed around the 20’ mark, and we never looked back. Nunez made a couple of runs that made them step back about 10 meters, suddenly there was that little bit more space, Brentford’s midfield couldn’t assert control, and we were off to the races.