Darwin NUNEZ: 2023/24

Even the NFL doesn’t actually get that many fights - take Philadelphia out of the equation and most of the times fans are mixing without issue in a way that is completely alien to Europe. World Cup organizers need to understand this is not an organizational challenge like NFL games, but more like college football - ask any Alabama or South Carolina cop about the wisdom of mixing Alabama-Auburn or Clemson-USC crowds.


This is pretty damning…
and this


The match commissioner will sure as hell put this in his report…There has been precedence for this…

Will it be a Conmebol level of ban or will it expand to all levels of football?

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If he gets a fine and an international ban I would probably cut our losses.

Really not sure how he misses so many.

There were some chatter about how Nunez’s way of striking the ball is not conventional…Pair that with the lack of composure, it is not surprise he misses quite a fair bit…

If Nunez is to succeed, he needs some psychological help with his composure…

I’m on team Nunez and in his corner.

The officials didn’t protect the families. Once it boiled over and fighting started, emotions are running high. The attempted chair throw is in that context.

4 game international ban, fine, and that should be it. If they give an additional ban, but suspend it and only activate the extended ban if something else happens, fair enough.

If they do something draconian, I hope the club helps him legally, and all the way to CAS if necessary.

As for the player and his merits, that has all been done to death.

I think it is 10 goals in the last 8 or 9 games for Uruguay. He is laden with threat.

Of course he misses chances, but I would contend that he misses a fair few that other strikers wouldn’t even get as their athletic gifts would never put them in that position.

I want to see what Slot can do with him.

If he splutters along under Slot then fine, the case to sell is strengthened.

But I want to see what happens in this new chapter first. I would not be surprised if something clicked and he smashes it, and we don’t look back.


Looking at history, it could be extraordinary.

I think first of all, he needs Sports Psychologist help on his composure issues and the ease of how quickly frustrated he can get.

Then we talk about finishing drills…


Really just bored of this shit now though.

My main concern is his finishing and it’s getting worse not better.

Throw in this he’s going miss months anyhow if it goes to CAS.

US needs to get a hold on this though as we can’t have this shit at the World Cup.


The issues in the NFL is not tribal violence, but more typically the sort of booze fueled individual confrontations you get in bars. It is lower volume by virtue of the nature of it, yet still a near constant but that isolated aspect of it makes it MUCH harder to police.

Just confirms what we already knew ; the guy is a fucking head the ball.

My prediction - it will include club games and he won’t play again this year.

Does anyone really believe that he should have remained calm while fuckwits were threatening his family?

Fair fucks Darwin. He is a passionate guy, and I hope he doesn’t get a domestic ban for this.


Hope you are wrong.
If he gets a major ban then the club should take a legal stand.


To be fair, that’s one of the most pathetic attempts to throw a chair I’ve ever seen.


You see that is why I don’t expect he will get this ban.

Standing up for your family and protecting them is fine we all would be there getting our family out of there and to safety.

My issue is he actually went on the attack and was aggressively trying to attack rather than defend and get his family to safety. The the threatened chair throw was just ridiculous.

For me his actions were more than just protecting his family.


Maybe he lost his temper ehen he saw the families being harassed or under threat.

I think that’s forgivable to be honest

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This is very much my opinion on a personal level. Even once his head has clearly gone and he goes on the offensive, I think he’s within his right.

However, he’ll be punished heavily, absolutely should be and will have no leg to stand on if he tries to argue it.

I think there is a credible defence.
The initial incident that sparked the trouble was down to a lack of proper security personnel.
That’s on the organisers. The actions of the Uruguayan players was to protect.
They shouldn’t have had to do that.

Fuck it, he’s a Liverpool player. The jokes and all the shit about him missing goals is wearing thin.
Maybe right now he should be supported. Unconditionally.


Not unconditionally. It’s ok to support him but also understand actions have consequences. Those two aren’t mutually exclusive. The chair for me is a non starter. Hes gonna get banned for that. It’ll hurt for sure as a Liverpool fan but he made a decision in the heat of the moment that’s going to cost him. Hopefully he learns from it

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He lost his temper.
It happens.

We are talking about player getting banned for passion filled actions, whilst the security in the stadium was non existent or did fuck all.

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