FIFA - All that’s wrong with football

i always wonder when you see absolute incompetence like this that what bubble are these people living in.

i cant turn around in my local footballing community without tripping over an honest, hardworking, good human.

what the hell happens when the leaders of OUR sport are voting in guys like this dickhead, to replace the last dickhead.

and he is a dickhead…the sheer arrogance of that ‘im a migrant worker’ crap was enough to maybe instigate a riot.

now this…there’d be millions upon millions of heartbroken souls who love to just witness the great man in his final resting place, but this corrupt fuck gets front and centre.

fuck off.


I’d encourage everyone to watch that recent Netflix documentary about FIFA corruption. There was nothing there about the scandals per se that was new to anyone who has paid attention over the years (and in fact they seemed to miss out a fair bit through the 90s to early 00s), but it provided a great insight into the people who have been responsible. What was apparent, and I think goes to your question @Redbj , is how ruthless the leaders have been in terms of their own self-interest and how much backstabbing has gone on. It’s a game that given the way it is played doesnt allow for decent people to succeed.

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There is the latest, glad they scrapped the 3 team groups, that CWC sounds cack.

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With a 3-team group, there was almost always going to be one team that wasn’t even going to win a game. For the middling countries that have no real knock-out round aspirations, that one match they have a chance at is the real highlight.

16 more teams tournament of 39 days idiots

more teams in the World Cup?

great news as Scotland might finally qualify

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Canada might win a game!

I do think it is a poor idea. Tournament will be even more of a disruption, and it is only a matter of time before they decide the money is too good not to have another one during the Northern hemisphere winter, thus making a mess of a season.

Ok, you just took that too far…

seriously though, i agree that its a bad idea,
pleyers already more than enough games,
it might get the stage where players just retire from international football due to the amount of games

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Which gets us back to that lovely discussion around how players are not actually allowed to retire from international football according to FIFA. All they can do is request that they are not selected, but their national association reserves that right.

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For “We” read “I”, and for “football” read “backhanders”.


We don’t need that new world club cup.

Thankfully it’s unlikely we will get the chance to compete in that glorified friendly for a while.

It is a sick puppy and you know what should been done with sick puppies …


Today I feel fatigued :joy:

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today i feel nauseous

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This guy is worse than Blatter. Far worse.

I sadly have to agree, where Blatter is a cheek of an arse he is the place we’re the crap comes out.

Plantini is probably the other cheek.